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The Show Goes On...

With every year that passes, so do opportunities.

It's inevitable. We cannot stop time. It is out of our control. Our babies age, our bodies, age, there is death and new life, new seasons, new years, new achievements and new challenges. So...

  • Who are you now?

  • Where are you now?

  • What are you now?

  • "When" are you now?

What age, place, position are you in now? Is it where you thought you would be at this time in life? Are you living your purpose? or purposes? GROWING? GLOWING?

Sometimes growth isn't pretty. It certainly isn't perfect, but in the end, adventure, the bravery, the growth in faith over fear, is what counts. But you don't need me to tell you that, you feel it every time you tackle a goal big or small... whether you acknowledge it or not. The not part is most likely the thing holding you back from more. Based on your values, upbringing, or what you associate "success" with over what it may really be.

Are you living the life you hoped for? Why or Why not? Are there things that are in your control that you could change but you are fearful, pessimistic, or perhaps overwhelmed with where to start?


Maybe there are things that have passed you by that are very unrealistic to attain at this time or ever now : Pregnancy, the Olympics, rescuing that dog you saw 10 years ago, helping your elderly parents who have passed on now...


"The excitement and anxiousness built inside me like a shaken soda bottle ready to explode! The Youth Colorado State Indoor Championships were today and I was not only to coach all the magnificent Mountain Movers, but to compete myself. It has been decades since I've run track and certainly not even these events! I was pretty shaky all day and not feeling great but praying the sniffles and sickies would hold off for myself and the team as we took on this beast!

The gun shot off...I comfortably cut in from the waterfall start. Sitting behind the lead runner for only a moment, I felt the pace was way too slow to run low 5's (my lofty goal for this hard, fast mile event above 7,000 feet elevation). So I mistakenly took the lead. Although it prompted the 2nd place women to shoot ahead and I could work with her for this epic time. As I did, seeing the lap count go down every lap, she pulled ahead slightly... The ONE thing I had in my mind heading into the race is to EMBRACE THE SUCK. TO EMBRACE THE MASTERS ME. TO FIND MY FIGHT in this new chapter in life and FACE MY FEARS in order to continue growing. "

There has to be a risk taken first for growth. Especially growth in faith. No matter what you are trying to "believe in." That action of "taking a risk" is the first baby step out of your comfort zone and we all know there is no growth in comfort zones. As I told my young team earlier that day, the mile is for those who can handle the discomfort ... and we must strive for getting comfortable in the uncomfortable, no matter the event, the career, the life goal.

Are you getting comfortable with the uncomfortable?

It's then time to take the next baby step.

"Battling for that first place spot, the time didn't even matter... I was going to make it and get seed for future races. However, I dug as deep as I could barely nudge out 3rd place and just 5 seconds behind 1st place. 5:34. And although I celebrated this, I will continue to push out of my comfort zone and strive for an even faster time, the win, but more importantly live my purpose. That purpose (I believe) is to INSPIRE."


And although it has taken some time and understanding, I have realized that my purpose isn't just in one area, it also is with education, teaching, coaching, with all the gifts and talents God has given me... in so many ways!

Another one of those ways was in Long Jump! Something I never thought I would do again, especially at this age (and haven't done since middle school and maybe once in high school). This took some guts and bravery, but I told myself...I can't expect these kids to go out and be brave and give me their best and step out of their comfort zones if I'm not willing to either!

What message are you sending your kids? Your spouse? Your family? Your friends? Are you leading by example? or settling for less because of fear or lack of knowledge or wisdom?

My kiddo recently asked me what the difference was between knowledge and wisdom.

As she keeps hearing me say to her and her team how I am trying to share these specific things with them and how I wish I had learned more at their age.

Knowledge is knowing "how to" and "what to do." Facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

Wisdom is the "When." the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

It takes repetition and action for one to learn and absorb all. Which is why I tell the youth team and my adults clients, you will read, hear, see me repeat things over and over again because there is no easy button in life. There is no easy way to earn you "success" takes hard work, discipline, dedication, knowledge, wisdom, consistency, and a growth mindset to achieve .... NOT THE CHECK MARK... but the FEELING of pride, development and maturation.

Some questions to ask yourself as you do a little soul honesty check ...

  1. Where are you now with a goal that you have or have had? (don't have goals yet? settling for less? here's a tip, dream big...what do you want?)

  2. What to do you realistically need to happen, have, commit to, CHANGE, in order for that goal to happen?

  3. What strategy can you implement in order to achieve the goal(s)?

  4. Do you acknowledge the dedication and effort it will take in order to achieve movement, progress in this direction?


  • Do you have the knowledge you need in order to conquer that goal, to make that change? To step outside your comfort zone and grow? Especially at this time in your life and what you are working with!

  • --> If not, what classes, clinics, camps, retreats, things do you need in order to gain that knowledge? Can you set up a timeline? Baby steps?

  • 2. Do you have the experience needed in order to make adjustments, handle setbacks, or roadblocks? To know what to do when poop hits the fan?!

  • ---> Who can help you gain that experience? What events, teachers, coaches, can help you gain knowledge and guide experience adventures?

  • 3. Do you have the wisdom on when and how to use the knowledge and experiences you now have?

  • ---> Can you confidently piece it together and execute it solo? Or do you need some, extra, personalized guidance to be sure?

Don't settle for less than you were meant to be! Don't rob the rest of the world because you think time has passed by or you aren't capable of doing it! FIGHT YOUR FEARS.


Yes, that is an abnormal one to have, but I know there are others out there reading this that have some of the same medical issues that I have and have this same fear. It's a fear where life doesn't just depend on time management, it highly depends on energy management (as both of those aspects come into play in Anyone's life). This fear of fatigue I have is valid. I have great arguments from the past few years where I found myself in bed for hours at a time (up to 16 hours daily)...because my body was so fatigued, my muscles were weak, the bone pain was SO deep, it felt like they were shattering as I laid there! Even when I tried to exercise, I would fall flat on my face doing push ups or maybe to the ground when trying to walk loops in my backyard... the fatigue was real... and a real problem with living my purpose.

As I put on my armor daily (the armor of God that is), I find myself fighting this fear and good doctors to help me with the fight. We recently revisited previous results and did new testing to discover that I have forms of parathyroid disease, phosphorus and calcium wasting, (which is abnormal because they are inversely related), but the metabolic disease is what was contributing significantly to the above. Not only does this affect daily activities, as you can imagine, it highly affects exercise and running ultras! The reason I most likely stopped at RRR (my arms were "spasmed" stuck in the bent position and hurt so bad..) I'm so happy I did stop when I did. And the reason for the multiple charlie horses and cramping several times a day with muscle spasms (despite consuming adequate electrolytes and high dosages of calcium, magnesium, and zinc with other trace minerals to combat such things).

So as we develop a NEW PLAN for my medical needs, and I take on a NEW CHAPTER in my life... I will continue to FIGHT, to RISE, to ROCK! ... and I hope you do too... THE SHOW GOES ON.... but you create your ending.

Everyone needs a mentor, guidance, or a little help matter what level they are at in life, fitness, health, goals, or their career. Humility.

Don't know where to start?

Want to make a change?

Want to grow?

Want to gain knowledge?


The MOST gratifying thing about my passion, my purpose is to share my knowledge, experience and wisdom with others. To offer them guidance to help them grow.. no matter the age or level they are at. I encourage you to take part of one of the opportunities I am offering if health/fitness/goal setting/mindset/running/wellness are on any part of your bucket list.

Today we celebrate... LOVING OURSELVES... self care, and how:

"what we are doing RIGHT NOW is affecting our future and even the future of our loved ones... "

Take a baby step... use code: LOVE YOU

for a discount on our camps, retreat or clinics... only a few spots remain (this opportunity ends February 16th)

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