Our expert running coaches are devoted to providing you, the client aka Rugged Runner, a personalized fitness, nutrition, and running program to exceed your expectations and goals. To create the opportunity for you to obtain the fitness level you have dreamed of, the healthy lifestyle you hope for, and to achieve your running aspirations.

Your program will be customized according to the Rugged Running coaching philosophy and tailored to fit your unique schedule. Sign up now to have one of our amazing coaches provide the understanding and support you need to fully execute your ambitions.


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The Rugged Running philosophy is to coach using a holistic approach. Although the 3 disciplines of cardiovascular training, strength, and nutrition are heavily emphasized, the coaching and education does not stop there. All forms of fitness and performance are addressed while keeping your daily life and priorities in balance.  Communication combined with execution will create an opportunity for you to obtain the fitness level you have dreamed of and achieve your goals.  Communication is unlimited and your coach will check in minimum bi-weekly. 


You will begin with completing our new client questionnaire (complete here). From there, we will review it thoroughly, ask any questions we may have and then if both parties feel we are a good fit, we will proceed with creating you your program. We will be in communication via email and therefore your feedback throughout the program length is encouraged and welcome. Your program will include the initial consultation, cardiovascular/running program, strength programs, as well as nutrition and even extends out to encompass flexibility, mobility, and mental training approaches. 


A comprehensive training program prepared and monitored by an experienced and degreed professional coach.

Daily Training Plan

Strength Training Plan

Nutrition Plan

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Extensive Resource Library

Adjustments as needed

Unlimited Communication

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