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Membership Fees
  • If you are on a paid membership plan, membership fees and billing cycle begin the day you sign up.

  • Recurring memberships automatically renew at the end of the billing cycle (monthly, semi-annually or annually) and will be charged to the member's credit card entered from the day of registration.

  • If your membership plan is non-recurring (one-time payment) and has expired but you wish to continue your membership, you must login to your Rugged Running Account on our website and register for a new membership plan.

  • Rugged Running may terminate your membership and these terms if it is unable to renew your membership based on inaccurate or outdated credit card information.

  • Access to Rugged Running Members Login and protected content pages granted under these terms is effective only upon current payment of the membership fees if applicable.

  • Rugged Running will provide at least 30 calendar days notice before an increase in membership fees for a subsequent subscription.

Canceling Your Account
  • Go Getter & All-Star Memberships: If you cancel your account prior to the end of your membership you will be subject to a $400 cancellation fee. The cancelation fee must be paid prior to terminating your membership. If for some reason you need to cancel or pause your plan please contact your coach or email Wyatt Yates at to discuss how to do so. 

  • All memberships can be reinstated at any time by logging back into your Account on our website and registering for a new membership plan.

  • All membership fees are Non-Refundable.

  • However, for coaching packages only, if circumstances arise like an injury or a personal matter (with a doctors order) that prohibit you from training you can suspend your training and resume it at a later time for the remaining month(s) you have already paid for. See cancellation policy and cancellation fee above.

Coaching Program Revisions
  • Please make sure you fill out your client questionnaire and monthly questionnaire completely, especially the section on which races you will be running. If, as a result of you wanting to change and/or add a race that does not fit into the program provided to you, we have to make revisions to your program you will be responsible for paying the applicable fee for the revision. Monthly questionnaires are due by the 25th of each month. If your program has to be changed or modified because you did not submit your monthly questionnaire by the due date then you will be charged a revision fee.

  • Revision fees vary depending on how many days/weeks/months your program has to be revised. The monthly revision rate will be the same monthly rate as you were charged for the original program.

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