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Mental Health and Goal Setting

These are some actions you can take to develop an unlimited Mindset and increase your Motivation and Mental Toughness.

➢ Do the Rugged 66 Challenge (contact for more info!)

➢ Establish a morning routine to start your day off with a win

➢ Do something that you don’t like every day

➢ Take a cold shower every day

➢ Train outside even when the weather is bad or not ideal

➢ Take responsibility and ownership for everything that happens to you. With great

responsibility comes great power. When we take responsibility and ownership for

everything that happens to us we have the power to change our circumstances and

outcomes and make it better.

➢ Create small daily, weekly, and/or monthly challenges for yourself with a reward at the end of the challenge

➢ Wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time you hear that little voice in your head tell you a LIE, limiting BS or ANT pull the rubber band and snap it. Then say either out loud or in your head an unlimiting belief.

A little more detail...

  1. Structure and establishing a schedule… print it out and put it on the fridge. Include walks, eating times, work, homeschooling, fitness, etc.. get a great planner and be sure to set timers on your watch, phone, or computer in order to help you keep the balance!

  2. Meditate- 5 mins in the morning or the “Slick 7” like in this blog post

  3. Goals! Smaller ones for sure but a big one in the future is great too.. You can find more on goal-setting methods in our January Blog posts or newsletters.

  • If you suck at them, for sure consider really small daily and weekly goals so you gain trust with yourself that you will accomplish them and you will reach your main goals..(For example: Start with every day this week I will get up and do my strength work at 5 am. Detailed is best! Then after a week or two you can add another, everyday this week I am going to do my strength work at 5 am and 6 am my cardio (did you know those that wake up and get the job done in the am are 75% more likely to do it than those who train later in the day?!)

  • Set some exciting goals... Check out race websites, pictures, and videos of them, which one really tugs on your heartstrings... Maybe you never really took the time to train for it or think about training for it, write down what you think it will take.

  • Not racing? Go for a big fitness goal... Or my favorite plan your dream vacation or your vacations for next year and how much money it will take, logistics, etc

  • Finally, create a “sight scene” in order to help you visualize and execute these goals. (sight scene- using a poster board, cut and paste pictures of the race or place you want to go to, your goals, mantras, and more!)

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