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Troubling, challenging times are upon us. But you can either make progress or make excuses. Instead of focusing on what you can't do, try focusing on what you CAN do. I've tried to apply this tactic for years. It works well after injuries, surgeries, tough diagnosis, and even the simple daily life stress.

Easier said than done right? Especially for those who are really struggling mentally. It spills over to physical struggle, emotional, and even spiritual. So how does one go on getting their head right in the midst of chaos?

Structure, goals (especially focusing on small goals), meditation (eye roll yeah I know), and writing things down! I also touched on "sight scenes" in my last blog post (I will explain again here).

"Beep, beep, beep!" Uhg the alarm clock goes off, but you roll over and go back to bed. I mean? What do we have to get up for since we are all working or schooling from home now days? First of all, put the alarm clock across the room. Forcing you to get up, splash some cold water on your face and get going.

Next up, find a quiet place to jot down some notes. I'm asking for just 7 minutes here people. Lets call it the Slick 7. Go through these three things (daily if possible!)...

1. I will let go of...

2. I am grateful for...

3. I will focus on...

It takes 2 minutes to write just one thing down.. (work your way up to no more than 10).. and then meditate on them for 5 minutes. Emphasizing on #3.

When working on goals, consider smaller ones and following through on those in order to trust yourself with bigger ones. Creating structure in your day will best help you execute this as well as all your other responsibilities and with keeping a sound mind. Other helpful tips: sticky notes with your goals on them all over the house ;), sight scene (something fun to create as arts and crafts with the kids now days, include your goals, pictures, affirmations etc), keep motivational quotes around (one a day to pop up on the phone or an old school desk calendar)...

For example:

5 am: wake up, slick 7.

5:30 am: 15 minutes cardio

5:45 am: 15 strength (Rugged Running we have no equipment strength videos that are 15 mins or less!)

6:00 am shower

6:30 am breakfast

7:00 am work (the more details you have the better, for example

a. work on project B 1 hour

b. work on kids homeschooling structure for the day 30 minutes

c. work on phone calls for business 30 minutes

9:00 am Start homeschooling (cover geography, math, and spelling)

10:00 am family hike

10:30 am

a. arts and crafts (get the kids started on a project)

b. answer work emails

11:30 am Lunch

Noon: Run the dogs

1 pm :

a. Quiet time for the kiddos

b. Work time for me

and so on...

Realistically, this will go to crap some days, but if you try to create the healthy habit of waking up early, getting things on track from the get go, chances are you will prevail mentally and physically.

Sick? Injured? etc.. and feel there isn't ANYTHING you can do? Think again. If your legs are broke (or lets say you have had double hip surgery :), you can still do upper body exercises (light weight of course, maybe even no weight...arm circles, stretches and more! This will increase blood flow and actually even help the sight of injury) of course my disclaimer: I'm not a doctor these are just suggestions.. listen to your doctor.

Resources: Neil Pasricha, Dr. Leaf podcasts

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