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Year in Review

One thing I think we all fail to do is to reflect on the previous year in order to move forward into the new year. Our months get a little fuzzy and our highs and lows are quite evident or even sometimes blocked out. So I would encourage you to better set yourself up for success or progress into the 2022 year, by reviewing your year 2021.

Consider breaking this down month by month for it can be an overwhelming and emotional task. I would recommend taking the top 3 positives from that month and top 3 negatives. Furthermore, ask yourself and write down the responses to these questions…

  • What worked?

  • What didn’t?

  • Why didn’t they work or why did they work do you feel?

  • What more would you have wanted out of this month?

  • Looking ahead, do you see something that occurred in this month that happened for the better or worse in the following months?

  • Am I meeting my expectations? Why or why not?

Now once you have taken the time to do this, is there anything that really sticks out to you positive or negatively? Are there top 3 of these things for the overall year (if more, limit it to just these and be sure they are a priority in life).

Now place these next to your 2022 goals. How do they differ or look alike? Are there changes you need to make to your 2022 goal setting or actions to execute? Do you need to make better use of “dead time” during your days? Do you need to limit social media? Do you need to add in more family time?

Break your goals down in sections.. Making sure to take the holistic approach and include a little of each category.

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Relationships

  • Health

  • Personal Interests

  • Education

  • Creativity

  • Spirituality

  • Rest

  • Activity

If you are still struggling with all of this, or would like more support in goal setting, please join us for our “Online Group Zoom Goal Setting Meeting'' this January 9th. For more information, click here

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