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Habits. They are what true improvements in any spectrum, resort back to. Habits can be negative or positive though, can’t they? So if we are consistently in a negative habit, and we don’t change anything, nothing will change! The same goes for positive habits too… So how does one go about changing these negative habits into positive habits?

A few quick tips:

  1. Change the negative habits into positive habits by replacement. So every time you do “x” sub in a “positive.” But what really works as a sub in? See suggestions below.

  2. Cut out the triggers. Does something trigger you to do those bad habits? For example, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc? I’d bet stress does! So instead of reaching for that beer, try going for a 5-minute walk. If you REALLY feel you need it then have it, but keep trying and keep walking if you need to!

  3. Surround yourself with positive people or the group you KNOW is healthy (ier) for you! If you consistently surround yourself with others who drink, smoke, talk negatively, dream, and never do… well you will too.

  4. Meditate. Yup, you know, like those pro athletes who “visualize” themselves winning, or think of the last time you succeeded at something (like getting a certification).. What took place? Did you visualize that? I mean, one would kind of have to in order to put the work in right? So why minimize these smaller, healthier habits that can lead to accomplishing mountains? Visualize yourself, take time (even just 5 minutes a day) to meditate, and see yourself accomplishing your goal!

  5. So now that you left that negative group, maybe you can find yourself an accountability partner, buddy, someone else who needed you to take that first step into the light for them to follow?? Now do it together!

Let your light shine to give permission to others to let their lights shine too! :)


  1. Start with your mental game- change any negative thoughts like “one day,” or “I hope” or “maybe” into. TODAY! I WILL! And HELL YEAH!

  2. Food/Drinks! A tough one! But for those negatives.

Sweets: grapes, fruit, even no added sugar fruit popsicles

Salty: gluten-free pretzels, rice cakes, almond grain crackers, or skinny pop popcorn

Dips: Plant-based! They make a ton of great “bean” options with low sodium and no junk nowadays.

Dressings: squeeze lemon or lime and this will be a game-changer, try vinegar without the oil, but if you need a touch of fat to absorb nutrients go with an olive oil spray. And again, Plant-Based! They have great ranches, vinaigrettes, and more!

Meals: I know it’s hard! So and So won’t eat this and that. And well I have kids they won’t eat that.. Ummm last I checked, YOU WERE THE PARENT?! It’s your responsibility yes, and this will rub some the wrong way. But it is YOUR responsibility to feed and nourish your children and teach them the correct way to eat! Screwed up? Well, it won’t be easy, but make changes NOW. Put your foot down. Sit everyone down (yup including your resistant spouse) and have a “family meeting” discussing the changes that are about to happen. They won’t eat? Well, they will eventually. As we all do get hungry enough right? Think about when you only have healthy stuff in the house (and you should only do this, if you buy crap you will eat crap.. I am guilty too) .. you avoid those carrots like the plague.. Until you get hungry enough, and hey, they aren’t so bad, especially with some hummus!

Pro tip: pack your kids their lunch. Don’t give them money to buy unhealthy foods at school or after school. Again as Maya (my daughter has said previously) “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!”

Double Pro tip: Get help! Whether that be a person that comes to prep your healthy foods for the week or just a program that offers recipes and nutritional information you can do on your own (ps.. Rugged Running Does!)

3. Exercise! Again, trading in the plop on the couch with a beer for a short walk has its benefits! How about... And eeek this will be hard! .. That morning coffee right away for a brisk 5-minute walk or jog then have your coffee as a reward? Yup do loops in your living room, we do!

Pro tip: Don’t get so caught up in having to do things perfectly! Or dress perfectly etc... I wake up and do my workouts in my pajamas half the time!

4. Read! Yup just for 5 minutes can be useful. Consider Self-improvement books to really get an edge on this or something you keep wanting to do but never have time to (like reading about survival methods or how to bake).

Final Notes:

  • It takes 66 days to create a healthy habit and not so long for a bad one. So be realistic when starting out.. If you noticed, I said 5-minute walks, meditation, reading, etc.. because starting small and taking those baby steps can still get you over mountains!

  • Consistency is key. Writing this down in your schedule, setting timers, and fighting through the sleep, the negative people, the bad habits will be taxing, but you can do it! And as mentioned above, there are ways to make it easier on yourself. Avoid those negative people as much as possible, or don’t go to that party this time.

  • Create a defined daily routine. And stick with it. Especially in the morning.

  • For example:

    • 5 am: wake up, slick 7.

    • 5:30 am: 15 minutes cardio

    • 5:45 am: 15 strength (Rugged Running we have no equipment strength videos that are 15 mins or less!)

    • 6:00 am shower

    • 6:30 am breakfast

    • 7:00 am work (the more details you have the better, for example

    • a. work on project B 1 hour

    • b. work on kids homeschooling structure for the day 30 minutes

    • c. work on phone calls for business 30 minutes

    • 9:00 am Start homeschooling (cover geography, math, and spelling)

    • 10:00 am family hike

    • 10:30 am

    • a. arts and crafts (get the kids started on a project)

    • b. answer work emails

    • 11:30 am Lunch

    • Noon: Run the dogs

    • 1 pm :

    • a. Quiet time for the kiddos

    • b. Work time for me

    • and so on…

Finally! Make a checklist! You can make one for food, water, all the above…

  • 1 gallon of water

  • 1 protein smoothie

  • 1 cup of carrots

  • 1 cup of beans

  • 15 min forest bath walk

  • 7 min slick 7

  • Exercise 30mins

  • Sleep 8hrs

Takeaway… Build Healthy Habits

  1. Plan. Identify unhealthy patterns and triggers. ...

  2. Change your surroundings. Find ways to make healthier choices and easy choices. ...

  3. Ask for support. ...

  4. Fill your time with healthy activities. ...

  5. Track your progress. … leading and lagging

  6. Imagine the future. ...

  7. Reward yourself. ...

  8. Be patient

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