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Raising the Bar

The New Year... ah yes, it is coming so fast! How did your year go? Did you accomplish goals? Fall off the wagon? Nail it? Wasn't pretty or perfect but it was a great effort? ....or not so much. Not quite what you hoped for. Not really, sortof, kindof, could have been better?

Let me ask you this, what was in your control and what wasn't in your control?

Because there are things we can change and things we can't. We can't change this past year's events, but we can make changes for a better new year. Changes that are in our control. "If you don't change something, nothing will change."

What you can control is how you perceive a situation, how you react to it, and how you respond.

YOU CAN'T CONTROL: WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK, FEEL, AND BELIEVE. You can't control the weather, freak accidents, or time.


  • Your productivity level. (getting enough sleep? no, why not? prioritize)

  • Your view of yourself. (is your view the same view God, your higher power-see you?)

  • Your work ethic. (Energy management is more important than time management) If you don't have the energy, how will you execute no matter how much time you have?)

  • Your schedule. (yes there is time, click this to read more on finding your "HOW")

  • How you treat others. (Maya Angelou- 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.")

  • Your Meals. (what you put in your mouth!)

  • Your level of honesty with others and yourself. (making excuses?)

  • Your boundaries. (Saying yes to something means saying no to something else, is it worth it?)

  • Your visions. (If you don't have a vision- that's just sad, "if you don't have a plan , you plan to fail"- Benjamin Franklin)


How do we create more energy, better boundaries, and balance?


  1. Reflect on this past year. 2023 only. Ask yourself some hard questions.

  • Did I set goals at the beginning of the year? What?

  • Were the goals, the timeline, the means to do so...all realistic?

  • Did I create a plan on how I was going to accomplish those goals?

  • Did I stick to the plan? (mostly? .. because we all know there should be room to pivot, not relying on perfectionism or judgement from others- that is OUT OF OUR CONTROL).

  • What did I do to accomplish those goals?

  • Did I encounter some challenges? How did I handle them?

  • What would I do differently in this coming year to accomplish those goals and create new ones?

  • How can I set myself up better for success?

  • How do I see success? Is it accomplishing those goals perfectly? On time, and specifically? Or is there wiggle room?

  • Am I making excuses and settling instead of fighting for it?

  • Again, what changes do I need to make to my plan in order to create the life I want?

2. Create your plan. (NOWWWW!!!!!!)

  • Using the answers to the questions above, start writing things down (brain dumping).

  • Then start to structure a plan. I like to start with the biggest goal and work backwards. Sometimes this is in the middle of the year, sometimes it's "by the end of the year" .. each goal should have its own plan of progress. Taking the main goal, and creating baby steps leading up to it, (but again, I like to work backwards).

  • For example: I want to qualify for XC National Champs December 1st 2024. I will need to qualify for regionals first on November 1st. I'm going to do that by: Hiring a coach to help me structure a training plan (holistic, strength, cardio, nutrition --> whatever you think it truly takes). Hire a babysitter to be sure I'm covered for my long training hours. Get a sleep study so I can be sure I have the energy to do so. Schedule in date nights so my wife doesn't get upset with me. Be sure to schedule in my spiritual and financial goals that may be impacted by this focus... and so on!

3. ACT on your plan (Finalize all by mid DECEMBER, because it's unrealistic to think you will have time through Christmas to plan all, and start the new year off well!)

  • Double check that you have everything you could need to carry out the plan.

  • KNOW that there will be setbacks, mishaps, detours, roadblocks-time delays by the things we cannot control!

  • KNOW that some may not be supportive of your endeavors. Know that there are insecure, jealous, anxious and critical people at times.

  • You can read more about "Dealing with difficult people" here

  • Know that you will have to continuously, (but especially right now) re-evaluate where you are, what needs to change, what is working, what is not working, and how far you have to go. When things like motivation aren't working- sign up and COMMIT to a program like...

  • Need some motivation this holiday season? Join us for our holiday challenge! Great for work places, families, and individuals! click

  • OR a whole YEARLY program such as: EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM ($500/YR! less than $50/month!)

  • OR a more detailed program such as : RUGGED RUNNING PERSONALIZED PROGRAM

  • But when you do sign up for these programs, do it with an honest heart. Make the time, set yourself up for the change... don't just think you are going to press a button and the transformation will happen... it takes EFFORT. EFFORT you can control. So if things aren't going well for you, ask yourself... am I making the effort? What am I saying yes to that is telling this part of life no. Is it worth it? Or do I need to make some changes.

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