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Physical and mental home remedies



  1. Cardio videos

  2. Strength no equipment needed videos

  3. Mobility and Yoga videos


  1. Create a stair if you don’t have any.. Repeat it while you watch a show or blast some music and keep going up and down.

  2. Ankle weights- dust them off :) or order some, wear these around the house, use while doing your step ups, or other exercises you may not have weights/equipment for. Wrist weights work well too..keep them light at 1-3lbs.

  3. Get outside! We may be restricted even if it means a 3am morning.. Try to get out there and go for a walk, run, hike.. Circles around the yard are also helpful! During the day maybe better in order to get some Vitamin D!

  4. Take 5 minute walk breaks throughout the day. Shoot for 5 of them! Start with one in the morning with either 5 minutes of meditation or use the walking to think about executing the day.

  5. Eat healthy.. Although it’s easy to indulge right now, try to stick to a prepared meal plan that is healthy for the whole family.. Have your cheat day on the weekend when no one has many obligations and enjoy a whole day of crap food, games, and fun. Drink lots of water..

Lauren O'Conner took the plunge and ran her first 50 miler via a virtual race!!!


  1. Structure and establishing a schedule… print it out and put it on the fridge. Include walks, eating times, work, homeschooling, fitness, etc..

  2. Meditate- 5 mins in the morning or the “slick 7” like in this blog post

  3. Goals! Smaller ones for sure but a big one in the future is great too.. And although I’d like to be hopeful, and pray late summer/fall races will happen, that may not be the case, so I suggest small goals for now, leading up to the big ones next year..

  • If you suck at them, for sure consider really small daily and weekly goals so you gain trust with yourself that you will accomplish them and you will reach your main goals..(For example: Start with every day this week I will get up and do my strength work at 5am. Detailed is best! Then after a week or two you can add another, everyday this week I am going to do my strength work at 5am and 6am my cardio (did you know those that wake up and get the job done in the am are 75% more likely to do it than those who train later in the day?!)

  • Set some exciting goals.. Check out race websites, pictures and videos of them, which one really tugs on your heart strings.. Maybe you never really took the time to train for it or think about training for it, write down what you think it will take.. Contact a coach and discuss their thoughts on it and possible training schedule for it.. Start now and next year will be epic!

  • Not racing? Go for a big fitness goal.. Or my favorite plan your dream vacation or your vacations for next year and how much money it will take, logistics etc


  1. Clean out your closets

  2. Clean out your bathroom drawers, pantries etc (I bet you can find some food that needs to be used!)

  3. Try a new recipe!!! We’ve got lots we are posting on social media and on our website!

  4. Sell stuff.. Although some people aren’t probably buying right now, get it ready, take pictures and this summer you will be able to sell online or garage sale with great marketing

  5. Donate.. Or donate all the goods you have that you're getting rid of..

  6. Schedule a zoom date with friends

  7. Call some friends, family, etc..

  8. Yard work is great mentally and physically

  9. Consider planting some veggies!

  10. Learn a new language

  11. Get a new certification

  12. Learn a new hobby, sewing, knitting, woodworking

  13. Read that book you never could

  14. Have a spa day at home

  15. Arts and Crafts! Paint, draw, color...

Rugged Runner Heidi Blue is setting smaller goals to reach one big one. When we ask her what works this is what she had to say: Be consistent. if you have a off week or month, it’s ok... just get back at it. Some weeks you are a rock star and some weeks not so much but it is okay, just keep at it. 

Be realistic!  I have three small kids, a full time job, a puppy and a husband... setting goals that aren’t achievable just because I know that’s what I’d like to do, just leads to disappointment. Set goals that work for you.  

Have fun. Make changes in your life style that will last for your life because you enjoy it. :)

Congrats to our inspiring ladies through this difficult time as well as any difficult time!

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