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Heat Hacks and Race Rage

Heat Hacks and Race Rage... here comes summer and your guide to beating the heat on those long training days or races!

Photo by: David Wiskowski


  1. Hydrate and fuel BEFORE you go out to train in the heat.

  2. Be prepared. Take hydration and electrolytes with you. Invest in a hydration vest, handheld water bottles, or a belt. I recommend ULTIMATE DIRECTION for those needs. Salt stick salt tabs and GU Energy gels work well for electrolytes. (contact Michele for more structure on running/training race nutrition).

  3. Stay cool- try to pick shady/tree covered routes or those that loop so you can refuel at your car, water fountain etc. Consider wearing lighter cloths, a visor to let heat out of your head but keep your face shaded, as well as sunglasses.

  4. Pack a cooler- with ice, cooled down banana baby food, Pop-sickles, or my favorite Almond Milk Puddings...and post run nutrition (protein shakes).

  5. Try to run in the early morning hours (yup this may mean investing in a headlamp and getting a jump on the day and heat- starting before the sun rises).

  6. Include all 4 components of nutrition (healthy fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrates!)

  7. Avoid alcohol the night before and caffeine the morning of. (or ideally 48 hours)

Does drinking Alcohol really affect my performance in a race or long run?

YUP!!! Drinking alcohol has several negative effects on the body.

There may be other compounds in certain alcoholic beverages that have beneficial properties, such as wine having flavanols which contribute to lowering inflammation (hint: those are in regular non-alcoholic grapes too!) But alcohol itself is treated as a toxin by the body and is filtered through the liver the same way rat poison is processed—to put things into perspective. It is a type one carcinogen.

  • Acute and long-lasting dehydration

  • Impaired glycogen replenishment and storage

  • Lower sleep quality

  • Muscle protein breakdown

  • Drinking the day before an intense workout decreased time to exhaustion, meaning you tire out faster.

I know I'm bad news Betty over here.. but hey, there are plenty of other opportunities to celebrate and enjoy a glass of wine or beer and the best is after the victory!

Amicalola Falls, GA

How else can I prepare for Race Rage season?!

  1. Create a race plan! Complete with all information. (Your race guide from the race you are doing, the elevation profile, the directions, the schedule, as well as your nutrition/drop bag/aid station/crew plan! )

  2. Create a training plan! Don't just wing it.. although I know running miles and miles on trails can be tempting, try to put some thought into it (or hire a coach)! This will allow you to keep balance with a holistic approach to training as well as time with the family and other aspects of life!... while remaining injury free and performing at your best!

  3. Implement it and pivot when needed. Again, don't just blow it off if something comes up, take a second to sit down, review, revise and execute!


  • Renee Calvert- Massanutan 100 mile (pic 1)

  • Barb Fields- 1/2 marathon (pic 2)

  • Angela Soltysiak 5k (pic 3)

  • Lynaia South - Bryce Canyon 50 mile (3rd age) (pic4

  • Norm Williams - 3rd Male 24 hour walk (pic 5)

  • Liz Kinsey and Pattie Byron - Bolder Boulder 10k (pic 6) and unpictured

  • Marissa 0leson - Pup power runs! (unpictured)

  • Pam Corn- 5 mile redemption :) (unpictured)

  • Amanda Betancur- Personal Best 50k 4th Female O'Neill (pic below)

TOP 10!!!! Ms. Health and Fitness Magazine- Please keep voting! :)

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Thanks to your continued support, I made a comeback and qualified to race in the

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Please Donate! I will return the favor with a holistic Standard Program for you, a friend or anyone you choose! Click the link below and please share!

I am so THANKFUL for you!!! On SOOO many levels!!!!


Summer Salad


1 can of no salt added organic corn (drained)

3 cups of mixed greens

1 cucumber, chopped

2 cups cherry tomatoes

1/2 an avocado, cubed

2 cups fresh strawberries, quartered

1/2 cup fresh basil, chopped

1/3 cup diced vegan feta (I like violife)

1/2 a lemon, juice only

2 Tbsp olive oil

Salt + pepper to taste

Handful of pumpkin seeds

(for added protein try: green peas, chickpeas, or any organic meat)

Place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix! Enjoy (you can keep the liquid ingredients separate in order to save the salad in the fridge without getting soggy).

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