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I've decided to transfer my registration to 2024 OCC UTMB in order to give myself more time to prepare, raise money and establish a solid crew/travel member to help me execute this race!

I need your help! Thanks to your continued support and encouragement, this past April I qualified to represent the USA at the OCC-UTMB in Mont Blanc- Chamonix France this August! click here

No doubt this adventure will be expensive and epic!

I would appreciate any amount of donation to support my efforts in empowering others and in return, I would like to offer you a Holistic, Standard Rugged Running program that any level could use (for those donating $50 or more).

The standard program will be sent via email and contain:

  1. Basic Nutrition Plan
  2. Basic Race Performance Nutrition plan
  3. Full length/ Full body Strength Workout links
  4. A low volume cardio plan that can be applied to walking, running, biking, elliptical, or swimming (3 months!).

You can choose to opt out of the program or donate it to someone else!

Steps: 1. Add this item to your cart and how much you want to donate. 2. Include your email when prompted. 3. Receive your program within 3 days!

THANK YOU !!! I'm so very grateful for each and everyone of you! Your encouragement through the hard times and helping me empower you and others through the good times!

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