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Guilt-Free Gratitude

Are you one of those people who have some dirty secrets or addictions you may feel a bit guilty about? Not that they are wrong, but maybe you are doing them in a little too much excess?

Let’s talk about how to replace guilt with gratitude…

  1. Find someone that you trust or even a counselor, that you can free yourself from those secrets. Admit to them so they can help hold you accountable for self-growth and self-care.

  2. Got an addiction? Most of us do, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Regardless, if you are feeling guilty about it, try to replace it with something positive. Alcohol (yes wine too), in excess, is not good for us, so if you created an unhealthy habit of having a glass a day, take a few days off a week and go for an extra 15-minute walk instead. Or, try a soda water, or organic juice. This will help you appreciate that glass of wine even more the next day when you can have it!

  3. You may think you are way worse than all of this... That you are too bad or too far gone. You’ve gained too much weight with food addictions or ruined yourself… but you’ve got this! It will be a process, it will take time… make those baby steps changes or even monster steps. Finding a support system, an accountability partner can help! If you want to try it yourself, then change those negative thoughts into positives. Don’t dwell on the past or what you haven’t done, but what can you do right now, right today, right at this moment that could help you? Maybe instead of taking another bite, take another drink of water instead. Throw out all the pop, replace it with water.

  4. A huge one is “Mom guilt..” this can go for dads too, but since I work with a lot of moms, and am one myself, I can feel this one. We tend to put everything and everyone in front of ourselves. We burn out and still keep pushing through, even though we are literally throwing up negativity all over the place and on the ones we love. WHY?! Do we do that?! Well for one, time! Who the heck has an extra 5 minutes in the morning to meditate and reflect upon themselves? I mean.. Really? Yes, really... You don’t know until you try and it’s not something you always have to do, but it is something that can be imperative when your world is crashing down. Can I ask you... Do your kids just shut you out? Turn you off? Slam the door? Or even get scared when you are on your “we are late!” rampage? I am not an expert, I can say, I have benefited from scheduling in massage therapy, bible study, and other self-care, self-growth things that keep me from burning out. And keep in mind, life is constantly changing and bringing on challenges that are unexpected. So just like a mountainous running course, we need to change our cadence when we get to those steep parts, baby steps, while we nourish ourselves to get over the dang thing!

Now water your garden… so it can grow in gratitude!

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