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Colorado Backpacking

TEAM YATES~ Our long 4th of July weekend didn't start off too hot. The original plan was to head up to the mountains Thursday for some all out camping with complete gear, food, and comfort. Those plans quickly faded out with our truck's engine as we headed up I-70. No worries, we made it back home going 20 miles an hour after a few HOT, disappointing hours later! As Wyatt scrambled to unload the truck and bike to go get his car (which we left at his work), I hit the computer trying to decide what we could do to save our 4th of July weekend. It was clear we would have to go minimal because there wasn't any way we could fit our full on camping gear in the car. Backpacking it was! BUZZZZZZZ! 4am, I slapped the alarm and all of us (Bo, Zoey, Wyatt, and Myself), awoke with excitement. We decided on the Ben Tyler Trail, connecting to the Colorado Trail..and the original plan was to trek up to Kenosha Pass and camp. Well, we didn't make it to all the way up to Kenosha pass before a thunderstorm rolled in so we made camp at Rock Creek Campground. That was fine by us! It has been a long day already, especially because the back side of Ben Tyler was not maintained, there were TONS of fallen trees to where we had to use the GPS to navigate because there was no trail left, and a break from the swarms of mosquitoes and bugs would be welcomed! Rock Creek campground was beautiful! Complete with waterfalls, sites on the river and plenty of trees for shade and protection. The next morning we made our way back over the mountain much quicker than the day before and/or even anticipated so we planned to keep the adventure going! Returning to the car and then finding another campsite at Miller Gulch outside of Bailey CO. Fun times and a saved 4th of July weekend!!! ***CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW!!!!! Thanks to: Icespike- great traction in supportive shoes! Simply Choices- The simply bar, simply protein chips (GREAT GREAT PRODUCT FOR CAMPING) GU Energy- Chomps and Gels- much needed electrolytes on the hike! Ultimate Direction hydration gear..need I say more?!

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