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Memorial Day Weekend---->About 13 weeks pregnant, Wyatt, myself, and Bo and Zoey headed out to Buena Vista Colorado for some fun in the rain, sleet and snow. Camping and hiking were on the top of the list and we had some adventurous times out by twin lakes on the Colorado Trail. ( ps..thanks to all the service men and women and their families who provide us with our freedom!) I have been feeling better and ready for some light trail running. The first few months of pregnancy where just down right torture for me. I was lucky enough to sleep most of it, but that meant little to no training at ALL! However, I was able to sneak in that 50k at about 9.5 weeks. At about 6.5 weeks I woke up and shuffled may way to the fridge, starving...only to open it and just about puke right in it! The odd smells and tastes from pregnancy hormones had gotten to me. I could hardly put anything down and when I did, it all tasted weird. This led to some unusual Michele Yates nutrition. For the next month and through our Buena Vista camping expedition, my diet would struggle. A few times a day, the unhealthy easy food items (like chips!) seemed to be the only thing I wanted. Of course knowing I was also feeding the baby, fruit and veggies were also always included. My training was back on track after those first few months and I have been splitting my weeks with biking or elliptical a few times a week and running/hiking. I still continue to weight train (although modified), 3x a week. Blessed with creativeness, I've also managed to form my bouncing drills into some great stationary drills for speed and leg turnover for when that time comes again! Our schedule has seemed to be crazy busy this summer, but I hope to still "run" some races and visit family in Michigan! My funniest prego moment so far has been when I put the frozen raspberries in the cereal cupboard and found them melted all over a few hours later :) Please feel free to ask more questions and if you have any easy trail race suggestions, let me know! thanks~ THANKS TO MY SPONSORS FOR THEIR CONTINUED SUPPORT THROUGH PREGNANCY!!! Ultimate Direction GU Energy The Simply Bar Icespike

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