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50 Self-Care Ideas

  1. Home spa day- give yourself a pedi/mani

  2. Read! Even just for 15 minutes

  3. Sit on your deck and sunbathe.

  4. Take a hot bath

  5. Go wild-flower pickn’

  6. Forest Bathe (or just go for a walk, period!)

  7. Create your own facial serum and use it!

  8. Watch a movie that you have been wanting too.

  9. Go to bed early or take a nap.

  10. Get some take out.

  11. Get Crafty! Join RR for their Crafty Kitchen- a simple, healthy cook show.

  12. Check out your local library and books on places you’d like to visit.

  13. Find cute, free puppy videos on social media.

  14. Name that cloud! Watch the clouds.

  15. Stargazing… bust out the telescope if you have one!

  16. Have an organic juice tasting.

  17. Meditate.

  18. Invest in an essential oil diffuser and do #17.

  19. Get your favorite ice cream, coffee, or appetizer.

  20. Check out your local freebees or Rugged Runnings!

  21. Take that first step towards a certification or other self-growth item.

  22. Check out Rugged Running’s mobility videos.

  23. Cook or create a recipe you have always wanted.

  24. Download some new music.

  25. Visit a new trail and hike it!

  26. Download some new podcasts!

  27. Roll out!... with a foam roller.

  28. Go fishing or watch other fishermen/women.

  29. Create a sight scene (one with your top 3 goals and magazine clippings of photos)

  30. Plan of action- for vacations, weekends off, and events.

  31. Shop consignment for a great new outfit.

  32. Sell! Sell some old clothes or ones you don’t wear on consignment online or in-store.

  33. Find help! What do you need in order to do some of these tasks? Part-time babysitter? Assistant?

  34. Go to your favorite bakery.

  35. Rock away on the front porch.

  36. Go on a lunch date with yourself and the park.

  37. Dry brush yourself (it’s great for lymphatic drainage)

  38. Pick out a National Park to plan a visit.

  39. Go on a phone diet and use the time for one of the things on this list (meaning clean out your social media accounts, remove apps from your phone so you are less likely to overuse them)

  40. Pick out a 14er mountain you’d like to hike someday.

  41. Plan a cookout with friends (consider a potluck so it’s not “you” doing all the work)

  42. Get a facial.

  43. Plant some flowers.

  44. Dye your roots. Add some highlights!

  45. Go solo winter sledding (or add some wheels and sled on the grass!)

  46. Just say “no”... it’s okay really.

  47. Consider a detox. Or reach out to a certified nutritionist like Coach Michele of Rugged Running to help you with your nutritional journey.

  48. Show gratitude. Take a time out and write down why you grind so hard and for who and what you are grateful for.

  49. Get a makeover or try some new makeup yourself at home.

  50. Simplify...all you can. Your planner, your daily routine, your clutter, your desk, your closet...

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