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4 Reasons to Join a Running Club

#1 You will benefit from structured training. Structured training benefits offer a clearly detailed schedule, time frame, outline of activities, and assignment of responsibilities. It has well-defined goals and consequences. And with some places (like Rugged Running) videos, pictures, and descriptions!

#2 Community. Whether it’s in person or online, you will find acceptance at any level, others just like you and some that are different too. You will have the support you need to reach your goals, help you through challenges in life and on the racecourse. You will grow as a person and help others grow too!

#3 Healthy Habits. You will create a healthy habit. Not only for you but families are included here! They will protect you from serious health issues, increase your energy levels, and help you gain balance both mentally and physically.

#4 Inspire. Be motivated, inspired, or do the activating yourself. Inspiration gives us both the means and the motivation to rise above, be creative, grow closer to our goals, learn from others, and achieve enhanced well-being.

Rugged Running is always welcoming new members of any level! Join us with our “Rising Star” membership plan! Click here or consider joining us at camp too!

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