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10 Women Equality Support Tips for Men

  1. Share household chores and childcare equally (or work out a balanced plan with your spouse so both parties are happy).

  2. Listen up! Whether you are a spouse or co-worker or even a male boss, take the time to truly listen to what “she” is saying and provide a thoughtful response.

  3. Show applause. A woman can speak direct and assertive and she is looked upon as aggressive, a man does the same and he is looked upon as strong and confident, what is your response?

  4. Give them the opportunity. Whether it be in the home or at work, consider the same amount of opportunities for them as you do for yourself (business trips? Lunch dates? Hosting meetings, and more…)

  5. Evaluate Performance fairly. Don’t go easy on us, don’t give us credit if it’s not deserved, but absolutely raise us up!... if it’s deserving!

  6. Share office housework (so not only at your home but in business as well). Any good leader should know and help with all the duties as needed in a business as well as at home. This allows others (especially women) not to feel undervalued or taken advantage of.

  7. Are you a boss lady or a boss man? Give training to raise awareness and promote fair behaviors.

  8. Provide childcare (for your wife to have self-care time) or in the workplace for both genders to be able to equally focus on work.

  9. Are you a senior woman in business? Act as a mentor and volunteer your time to help other women find their best!

  10. Don’t just default to traditional “girl” activities, keep them in the loop for all events and invite them to challenge themselves.

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