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Sunday 9/23/12 Snowbasin Ski Resort- outside Ogden UT. Trying to find redemption from the disappointing 100 miler attempt last weekend... I decided to try my luck at another race right away. At first, I had the opportunity to compete in the Montreal Marathon. However, the elite race director would not be able to find me a flight. With that news, I decided I just needed to accept that I wouldn't be racing for a bit and relax. Sipping on a mango margarita late Friday night (which I would later regret!) , my boyfriend and I scanned over possible race options for the future. We ended up coming across the Xterra National Trail Champs being held this Sunday in Ogden UT.

Snickering, my boyfriend said..." Do you want to go?" "Of course!" I proclaimed... So as it turned out, we loaded up the car with camping supplies, Bo and race gear early the next morning and headed up to Ogden UT. The 9 hour drive was long, but worth it once we saw how beautiful the course and our campground was! Our camp site was spacious with room for Bo to play (not that we were staying long), and after a quick run, I took a dip in the sparkling, cool lake just in time for some warmed up pasta and meat sauce on the fire! The dark, cold early morning hours would be somewhat of a challenge to get race ready. Overcoming that and making our way to the course, I started getting excited. The mountains were covered in trees bursting with fall color.

The race start would be set off with a BANG!!! No really, it was a real cannon that scared the crap out of everybody...I think! :) The climb was steep, just over 700 feet, but nothing like I've been racing or training on. Staying positive, I forced myself up the hill...only to find myself in 6th-7th place. Trying not to panic, knowing my speed would be lacking due to my Ultra training , I still found redemption on the downhill. Dancing over the roots and stones I earned my way into 4th place. Again, we hit another climb, this one seeming much longer so I knew I would have to keep my booty in gear as much as possible ( climbing is my weakness :( ) I would fall behind once again and even with another downhill ...I only would earn the 6th place spot. Such a disappointment once again, but I still am VERY grateful for the opportunity and the beauty of the day~ 1:43:56 for the 13.5 mile course 6th female HUGE SHOUT OUT: Xterra Planet- very well put together, marked, and overall organized event! Wyatt Yates- my awesome boyfriend, supporter, and camp king!

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