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GOT LIFE? How about endurance, speed, agility, mental and physical strength? If you participated in this past weekends Moab Trail Marathon ( also host to the USA Trail Marathon Championships) then you sure do! This course was a true test of the human running spirit. An experience I will always remember and hope to inspire others to not miss on next year. *** Rays of sunshine beamed between the Moab mountains. With a quick kiss for luck to and from Wyatt ( he would be racing the half marathon course and doing so in 2:09 good enough to finish in the top 12% !!!) we took our places in the start mob. A cloud of dust would indicate the race had begun. The first few miles would require strength, the sand was like running on cocoa beach. From there, we CLIMBED. Dancing over the rocks and boulders I would appreciate the decision I made to carry a handheld water bottle. The temperature was steadily rising and due to the challenging course, there wouldn't be many aid stations. After several miles of battling bushes, jumping streams, and some boulder butt scooting...I blew by the half way point. At this time, I had lost the 3 lead women but made my move past 4th place. There would be an out and back part of the course were I could get a better idea of how far off I was from the lead. Now seeing the distance (maybe a mile) between myself and the lead- I pushed on... focusing on Melody Fairchild's (3rd place) neon yellow jersey. That yellow jersey would mock me all the way up the "Scorched Earth Wall" trail- (a mile 1000 foot climb). Feeling strong, I dominated the downhill, passing Melody on the way (about the 18mile mark). Excitement grew as I passed two more men and put distance on 4th place. Having no idea how much ground the 2 leaders had on me, I dug deep...wanting the win. After more creek jumping, ladder climbing, and rope descending, I charged by the 22mile mark. Finding that last bit of strength, I finished hard, never catching 1st or 2nd but earning that 3rd place spot. Smiling with satisfaction but hiding the disappointment of a missed National title, I hugged Wyatt on a job well done for him and myself. Thank you to Danelle, Robyn, Guy, BC, Sue and all the volunteers for creating an unforgettable life experience and the best race ever!!!


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