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Loon Mountain- Lincoln NH, July 8th 2012. Well, the USA Mtn.Trail Champs didn't go as planned, but they did go well for me. I felt stronger and faster on the climb than ever before! I found myself out in front with a great start, but mid way through the race, losing touch with that lead pack. Mentally, I was strong and didn't give up hope. I kept digging in and pushing on...after all my legs felt phenomenal (thanks to Dr. Tim of Purple Mountain Chiropractic in Roxborough Park)! Dissapointed, I only ended up in 10th place, 6 places short of a trip to Italy. The good news was, I still had/have the NACAC in Vancouver (July 21st) to prove my uphill running ability. I also can't help to get excited about next year (an up and downhill year)...with my uphill ability increasing so much and my God given downhill technical running ability~ it should be a GREAT year! If it were a longer race, I think I could have reeled those top ladies in, just couldn't go faster. So now I know what I need to work on to improve even more for the shorter distance mountain trail races. I had a lot left at the end...and even continued through the finish line, changed my shoes and kept on running :) Recovery was speedy with minimal soreness....Keep checking in for Vancouver updates, videos, and pictures! A huge thank you to,

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