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Training Updates

Well..this is where I have been training once a week...the Manitou Springs incline..however, due to the unfortunate wildfires in the Colorado area..I won't be seeing my new friend anytime soon. I would have to say, this has been a huge help in my "climbing" training that I have been trying to do for the upcoming USA Mountain Trail Champs July 8th.

Soooo with that, I have still included hill drills, repeats-long,short, medium, long hilly runs, speed workouts, biking ,hiking..and of course my weight/core training. All have been going AWESOME! I feel stronger than ever on the uphill. Today though, I am feeling the training. A slight foot injury and fatigue are trying to bring me down, but I am fighting back :) I have taken an easy day, iced...I will see a massage therapist and sports chiropractor soon to eliminate these issues (not to mention get some rest!!!) so I can finish off this last hard week and excel next weekend.

I'll be replacing the incline with some of the other locations I have been training at that are a bit more "run-able" and mimic the course I will be competing on. Thanks for all of your support!...and thanks to Erin Hammond, my incline training buddy and massage therapist! You can check out more information on the USA champs at

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