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Training for a different goal

Training for a Different Goal

Brie Staker

I’ve always found it challenging to keep myself on a routine fitness regimen when there’s no race at the end of it. There’s something about training for a race that is like turning the key in the ignition, it revs my engine and I become very focused and diligent to devour the training that will ultimately spit me out at a starting line. When the starting line goes away so does my motivation. I can’t explain why this is but until recently not having a race to sign up for was never an issue. And of course, with this comes the overflowing list of how incredibly blessed we are in so many ways and the realization of all the things that I have taken for granted.

Today, I find myself facing the challenge and privilege to approach running, training, and general fitness differently. I am very thankful that I have a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise which in turn provides so many incredible benefits that prior to this time I didn’t give attention to. I knew the benefits were there and I was thankful for them but the race was always the goal. I have a great opportunity before me to reframe my thinking and choose to see my health and wellness as the new starting line of what I hope is a very a long race.

One of the reasons I love ultra-running is the life lessons it teaches me which always spill over into other areas of my world. It has taught me to endure through the highs and the lows, it’s taught me mental fitness with tools for dealing with the lows. It’s taught me how to take care of myself through proper nutrition, sleep, and mental wellness so that I can be my best self at the starting line and through the duration of the race. It gives me a healthy body and boost of joy. It helps me to appreciate nature and to revel in the journey as much as (if not more so) than the actual finish.

So, today I focus and give thanks for all that running affords to me and I determine to train for a new starting line- health and wellness. I determine to count my blessings and offer an attitude of gratitude of all that I have and give due appreciation to the many benefits and blessings of running that I had previously taken for granted. In this race the prize at the finish is a peaceful soul, a calm and joyful mind, and a healthy body. And this race my friends offers the best finish line prize out there.

I am so grateful for the Rugged Running family and community. We have each other and that is a true blessing. Thank you for being a part of my life and allowing me into yours through these blog posts, I am very grateful for each of you.

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