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Top 5 Mealtime Myths for Kids!

  1. Low carb diets will stunt a child's growth. (High carb diets create chronic high blood glucose levels creating sugar levels to fluctuate and instability in energy levels).

  2. Kids should clean their plates. Well that depends.. how much did you give them? Are you counting out their macros?

  3. You shouldn’t hide veggies in your kids food. Sure you can! It provides a greater nutrient content and helps them develop a possible want for those flavors later in life or even at the current time! Research shows you have to try to feed your toddler the same thing 15 times before they will accept it!

  4. Children do not need supplements. Research shows they sure do! Despite our efforts to feed our kids nutritious meals, studies indicate vitamins, minerals and especially iron is missing in a good portion of kids!

  5. Only give them veggies in the first few years so they don’t refuse it and only eat fruit. Variety is key! All types of foods and flavors!

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