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The Gambler

There are some of us that truly like to live life to the fullest, then there are some who are to scared too, we really can't let fear hold us back from success. By success, I don't mean trophies or medals and money, I mean how it makes your heart feel. Success for me can change with each race. My goals cater to each race. So at one race, I may find success in winning, in another, it doesn't matter if I win or not, but time or just completion maybe the priority goal. I am the type that lives life to the fullest, but try to do so in a smart way. I walk that fine line, I push the red line, and make people question the health and safety of what I am doing at times... I am a gambler. However, I don't do so without educating myself and listening to my body. What does "LISTENING TO YOUR BODY" really mean anyways? We throw that around as if everyone knows. Well, sometimes it isn't that clear. Especially to beginners. To further define it for those who don't know, it is taking the time to listen (I know, I know, who has time?..especially us mothers?).. We settle for things in life, things like, well my body is run down but I will just keep pushing. Now this is where I gamble.. I may keep pushing , but I am going to take the time to roll out intensely (with a lacrosse ball usually) and do some "focused stretching" or yoga. I will get my butt in an ice bath and I will REALLY do my BEST to plan (notice I said plan- literally writing it down, letting my husband know and adjusting my schedule for the day to adhere to that "plan") to go to bed early/at a certain time! This past weekend I had to listen to my body. Although one has to swallow their pride at times, while I choked mine down with frustration, I made the decision not to pursue my goal of breaking the American 100 mile record. After 50k, it was clear that mother nature and the muddy course was not going to cooperate, but furthermore, my pelvis was not going to cooperate. It was swollen and inflamed. I put in a good 50 miles and called it a day. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, and somewhat confused (I just raced Gorge 100k a month ago over very technical terrain and some good little climbs and my pelvis was fine), but that was just it, it was too soon after a hard effort to race again... so I am okay with having to stop at 50 miles. With gambling, you have to know when to fold them! Indiana trail 100 wasn't just about the racing, it was about family too. My immediate family and my ultra family. We truly enjoyed our time together in one of the family cabins at the state park (more like an adult tree fort.. totally awesome!). Maya (my daughter) had a lot of firsts on the trip, first flight, first time swimming, first time meeting grandma and grandpa Suszek, cousins, and uncles... and some of us Rugged Runners got to meet for the first time too!

Rugged Runners!!!

Thanks to all for making it a successful trip!!! GU ENERGY ULTIMATE DIRECTION FLORA ICEPSIKE ELDORADO SPRINGS

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