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Rugged Running THE CAMP - Post Review

This year's theme embodied EMPOWERMENT and to THROW AWAY PERFECTION. The camp included people from all over the U.S. and all levels. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and more... So yes! You can be a low elevation runner and handle the high (10-12,000ft) elevation just fine! Not that it won’t be a challenge, but it will be an adventure worth taking!

The camp started off well with securing a new campsite location that overlooked the river and was surrounded by mountains (including views of the collegiate peaks). For a more intimate camp experience, all the extra, extra space was eliminated while we preserved the personal space. Speaking sessions on mindset, nutrition, and confidence took place around the campfire this year while due to a hail storm we used the community tent for strength and mobility work!

The epic kitchen tent was isolated and we continue to use the “germ-less” approach :) Campers wore masks and plastic gloves to enter and receive their food. THE FOOD! Well, there should be no doubt you will receive healthy food options at Rugged Running the Camp, whether you like them or not! Campers learned just how great a salad can be and the NUMEROUS options that one can indulge in. New vegan coleslaw recipes and gluten-free s'mores were created.

The best part for me is of course the actual coaching! Working with people in person can offer a lot of hands-on benefits. We cover speed and hill drills, uphill and downhill technique, as well as agility, and conquering technical trail running. Then best yet, we go and apply these things on the trails!

And finally, one of the best parts of any camper's accomplishing the epic Mt. Tilton at 12,500 feet, river crossings, and steep climbs…

What some campers had to say…

“I loved every single minute of Rugged Running Camp! And I’m not even a “rugged runner!” I’ve made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories! It’s been a blast! ZERO REGRETS!

~ Amysue Okeke aka “Hail Balls”

“Wow, I can’t express how much I loved this camp! I’ve learned so many really valuable and helpful tips, even the ones personalized just for me. The thought and care put into this camp is fantastic. I’ve made some fantastic friends and connections. … and THE FOOD! So good! Thank you for sharing your love and expertise in running/nutrition with total strangers. You guys are super special.”

~ Lori Wallis aka “Powerhouse Package”

“Rugged Running the Camp 2021 was an incredible experience. So much great information and beautiful trails. I Loved EVERY minute. Food was incredibly delicious and healthy too. I can’t believe all that I learned and how motivated I am to crush my goals this year! Love you all!!

~ Sue aka “Fixer”

“ Michele and Wyatt, thank you for letting me volunteer at camp this year. I really wanted to be a part of it because I learned so much the first time I came out in 2019 as a camper. I learned even more this time around. You are helping me become a more confident runner- I am really working on improving my gait and strength. Thank you for all of the training and feedback. I am so glad I met all the campers.”

~ Heather Mrzlack “Caffeinated Tigger”

Won’t you join us next year???

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