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Rugged Running December Newsletter


Rice Crispy Reindeer

Prepare rice crispy treats as you normally would (I use gluten free cocoa ones)

But instead of putting them in a pan, roll them into balls in your hands (I sprayed

mine with olive oil to eliminate sticking)

Add pretzels for antlers, candy eyes, and cinnamon candies for a nose!

*These can be prepared for gluten, dairy, and soy free!


Megan Moriarty Brie Staker sets PR Susu Jennings

Sanders Saunter 25k Grand Canyon R2R 45.5 Miles 24 hr

Sue Lanz PR! Sarah Dickerson PR! Charlotte Dequeker

Mt. Laguna Trail 26.2 Dogwood Canyon 25k 50th Birthday 50k

Liz Kinsey Helen Summerford Kathryn Shneider

Turkey Trot 2nd AG! Turkey Trot Turkey Trot


Nicci Cypher Lynaia South Annette Greenburg

Standard Program Prize Pack 3 Month Semi-Personal

If you are reading this on December 1st, you can still sign up for our December Challenge!!! CLICK HERE

Goals Workshop

No matter where we look we are setting goals whether they are subconscious or not. On a daily basis, most of us have a goal time to wake up, shower, go to work at a certain time, etc.. and if any of those things happen to not happen on time, or right… typically it throws everything else off for the day… This is true when it comes to our larger goals too. When they happen accordingly one might consider that a successful day. Things glide a little easier.

But what is your definition of success? Does it line up with your beliefs? For those who do believe in God or a higher being is it the same meaning as they would think?

For example we like to chase dollar signs, find our self worth in compliments, career positions, and money… AND there is nothing wrong with some of that, but I wonder (as we have heard before) money can’t buy you happiness. Is it really something someone long ago said or even encouraged us to think? Our childhood years shape us, is your version of success the same as your parents and was/is your parents a healthy version?

So making sure our definition of success, a full life of what I would think would be balance, financial fitness, love, gratitude.. And more would line up more than some of the things we are chasing or thinking we need as far as goals go.

So let me then ask you this.. In the past have you been successful with reaching your goals? If not, do you feel as if it were a mindset issue or a heartset issue? Both are connected and we need to keep this in mind as we pursue our goals. Some of us self sabotage or go for the easier goal of the 5 we may set.

Why is that? Why is it important to peel the layers off of the “ why” when we are creating our goals?

What has happened in the past when you have reached your goals? What did that take? Or if you didn’t… What did that look like or feel like? Did you not achieve them because of a heart set or mindset issue?

Writing out the W’s is imperative for goal execution.

What: What is your goal? Is this clear and concise? Is it what they call a “SMART” goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

Why: Go deep on your “why”

Who: Who is it for? Is it just for you? Is it for that higher being?

When: When will you accomplish this goal? Is it realistic to do so in that time?

Where: Where will it happen? (not as important)

Most Importantly… HOW!

How will it happen? What actions are you going to take in order to execute these goals?

Take a second right now and close your eyes. I want you to think of one big goal you have planned this year. Forget logic, finances, other responsibilities… don’t analyze, it will be paralysis of analysis. Just envision you achieving this goal. What does it look like? Who is with you? How do you feel? What other smaller goals did you achieve along the way?

Now How do you feel about tackling this year? Are you full of energy ready to go? Are you in the messy middle and unable to grasp time to even focus on yourself and your goals? If you are overwhelmed and struggling, I’d invite you not to focus so much on the day it is, however, look ahead and schedule at least a 1 hour period for yourself to meditate on goal setting and execution.

If you already have, and you just need to further define your goals and actions to achieve them, then I would also invite you to do so. From there, plan your actions out even further. Start developing your schedules to include your action items.

The next step is to check in with yourself. Weekly. Ask yourself what is working? What isn’t? What changes do I need to make in order to succeed? If it’s a fitness goal, do I need a babysitter in order to get those workouts in?

Taking it another step further, email yourself. If you use gmail, you can postdate a send out to yourself asking.. How are you doing on those goals? Remember the reasons we created them? How are you feeling about them.. Do we need to make changes? Give yourself some peace. Understand that there are things that are in your control and others that aren’t. However, many of us do fall short of realizing our capabilities because our mindsets have been destroyed by ourselves, our parents, or others who have put us down or let us down. Identify those lies and now they do not have to limit you!

Overwhelmed with the New Year coming? We can help. We offer personalized coaching that includes a holistic approach to best help you achieve success! click here (limited space available)


Looking for more of a fitness women's group?

Look no further, this Sunday our sister brand SheRUGGED will launch!

Faith, Fitness, and Friendship for women by women! click here (space is limited

to 12 )

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