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Pretty and Powerful

Hello! My name is Indyka, I am 12 years old and I just finished taking the Pretty and Powerful Class, by Rugged Running. While taking this class I learned so much about myself, other people, and many life skills that I know I will use much in the future. There were so many benefits I got from this class and I am very thankful for everything I learned!

The way this class was structured was great! We would start with a 30-minute workout, that includes, a warmup, cardiovascular workout strength workout, and mobility exercises to cool down. I noticed that each week I would come back to do the workout again I felt stronger and like I had definitely improved! One part of this that really stood out to me was the positivity that this class put out, whenever a workout got really hard and all we wanted to do was quit my peers, and the instructor would keep us all motivated!

This class also included a 30-minute open discussion. Each week we would have a different topic that related to many things we would go through at our age and in general, such as stress, perfectionism, positive outlooks, exedra. Many people including myself struggle with stress and perfectionism, but we learned different ways to manage and control it including refocusing and reminding ourselves that it will be okay.

During this class, we also went over how to change your outlooks. For example, do you have a person in your grade, or at work that was not very kind, and always got on your nerves? We discussed why these people act this way, and how we could help them. Another way we learned to change our outlooks was on actions. I am in Middle School and I do have teachers who are not always in a good mood. But when I explained this in one of our open discussions I came to realize that he or she was probably under a lot of stress and pressure dealing with 150 kids each day. This lesson was very beneficial and opened my eyes in many ways!

I loved this class and I was so fortunate to have been able to learn what I did and have such a great workout. I learned so much, and got many life skills and lessons that I will continue to use throughout my life! I would really like to thank Salynda Heinl (my mom/class instructor), and Michele Yates for putting on such a great class!

Thank you- Indyka Heinl

If you are interested or have a daughter that is preteen/young teen that needs a little help building confidence and structure to her life, please don't hesitate to sign up for the Rugged Running Pretty and Powerful Program. We will have a session starting this fall! email: space is limited.

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