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One More...

One more. One more step, time, push-up, sit up, ride, run, ONE MORE.

One more. One more to improve. One more to succeed. One more to be the best you can be.

Let's consider the power of "One More" in our own worlds. How could one more "x" help you reach your goals? Make you a better person? Or my favorite, inspire others to also rise up?

You see, when we challenge ourselves to one more, we don't just help ourselves, it helps us to be stronger, smarter, more disciplined to help others. Not only that, those that see this power of "one more" from you, will be inspired to go for the "one more" in them.

Now I know what you are thinking, what about too much, or boundaries, or how most of us are walking around burnt out already?!

This is completely valid in which case one must ask, how much time and effort does this "one more" cost me? Ultimately when we do say yes to something, we say no to something else, so is that "one more" worth it?

Even more rampant in the world is laziness. We are called to act and use our gifts and talents but find ourselves burying them in the sand instead of investing in them, going for it, applying the effort. Because let's face it, sometimes that one more is a really big thing. It takes time, effort and money.... a lot of sacrifice.

So how do we know if we should make the effort in "one more." Certain circumstances may call for it, others may not. In depression, one more, could be critical to fighting your fight one more day, or one more project at work could be detrimental. So how do you decide?

Most of you know by now, I'm pretty spiritual. I like to lean into God for direction, strength and wisdom. You don't have to believe in God to read the rest of this message, but think of your higher power then.. how do you know what to do in life? How do you know it's coming from God?

Like the past blog post, we navigate life through roadblocks, obstacles, challenges and downright disappointment. We sometimes can look back and see that certain things were hard stop, roadblocks for a directional change and some things were just obstacles that we were meant to rise up, fight through and overcome. Sometimes the timing is too late, sometimes it's the right choice. But through all these circumstances and taking the chance on that "one more" we find growth.

Why strive for growth? Why STRIVE or make the effort for anything, especially a "one more?"

To be obedient. You see, as a Christian, I believe God is who he says he is and will do what he says he will do. I believe that he knows best. That he gave me these gifts and talents to use to serve others. To help others. To educate others. To INSPIRE others.

At the beginning of the year I spoke about existing. Why do you exist?

I believe I exist to inspire. ...but why do you? what would be your motivation for that one more? is it pride? status? success in your eyes?

When it all comes down to it, we have to take time out to think, to listen. To know if we should do that "one more." Some call this prayer, some call it meditation, but it is taking quiet time to hear from God (or your higher power) in which "one more" is worth it.

I bet the one more step, one more push-up, one more mile wouldn't be too much effort for the gain, the growth... but sometimes the bigger things in life can be a scary risk.

As I took time to pause, to listen, to be obedient, to train, to try to honestly (fight back, be lazy, not want to, be scared)... God had "one more" Run Rabbit Run 100 mile attempt in the works for me. Towards the beginning of the year, you may recall how I raced for the first time in 4 years, which earned me passage to race in France. When I saw that slipping through my fingers (from uncontrolled asthma and then, hypoxia from an overlapping lung disease doctor's still aren't sure about), I was confused. I wasn't sure what God wanted for me or from me.

But the one thing that was clear, that I knew, was that I couldn't keep going the direction I was going. I couldn't sit on the couch or stay in bed and be depressed (yeah the pain, discouragement, soul sucking things are real). I had to do something. Take one more step, take it day by day. If nothing else, take action in the direction I knew made me happy. Helped me help others. Helped me grow as a person. Helped me give the world the best of me not what was left of me.

That action was training for running again. The best I could, under the circumstances I was given. Was it completely clear? No not at first. I thought perhaps I was given the hypoxia to steer me away from running (maybe it is, maybe this hundo won't work out well, but I will know then.. maybe it's not the hundo maybe I'm supposed to go back to roadies 26.2 miles). I was dabbling back into competitive soccer (yup CO has some seriously awesome master ladies out here!) especially since I now have been helping coach my daughters competitive soccer team, yet ...executing workout after workout (no not perfectly and especially not doing the "comparative" thing...but pretty darn good), was a sure sign that God was preparing me for something.

And as sure as I was, I was still hit with detours, doctor appointments, and disappointment. But instead of playing the comparison game, the I'm too old, the my body is shot, the whatever.... I will do ONE MORE.

I appreciate any support anyone could offer (sharing this post, taking one more step yourself, crewing, cheering, following) . As this is a last minute thing (waiting on doctors to give me the green light at the last minute for a more conservative race :)) I race Run Rabbit Run 100 mile on Friday at noon.

I like to spend "me times" at Granite Lake in Steamboat near the RRR course. No matter what challenge God gives me, I meet him here a lot which is one of the reasons I love this course so much.

Special thanks to GU ENERGY, ICESPIKE, Eldorado Springs Water and the Race Directors (Fred/Paul) of RRR who continue to support and believe in me.

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