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No Excuses--> Travel Workout

It's that time of year again, holidays, shindigs, family, overwhelm, travel and more. How does one keep their boundaries, their health, their BALANCE?!

A few tips to mastering the holiday rush:

  1. Prepare as much as possible ahead of time. Plan ahead, write it down! What's needed? Can you get away with buying a cake instead of making one?

  2. Set mini goals throughout the month.

  3. Schedule EVERYTHING...including your workouts, your meal preps, your commitments to family, your travel time!

  4. Learn to say no!

  5. Be realistic. You may be able to fit it on the schedule, but your energy level isn't going to be 100% all day every day! Give yourself some down time too.

So as if that weren't enough, the NEW YEAR is coming! Have you set your goals?

A few tips to goal planning for 2023:

1. Plan ahead: Although it may seem impossible right now, try to plan 1 day or even an overnight getaway (hey try one of the Wolf Lodges or indoor play places so the kids can play while you "watch and work".. but it would be best to be solo or with your spouse only). If you are solo, this may be able to be done in just half a day! But if it's not planned it's not going to happen! And if goal planning for 2023 doesn't happen, then either will changes!

"If you don't change anything, nothing will change!"

2. Simplify it to get the "base work" done.

  • Grab a piece of paper, pen, and have a view of a 2023 calendar.

  • Start with categories (financial, health, spiritual, career, family, social)

  • Create 1 long term goal for each one, write the dates down on when you would like to achieve it by.

  • Create 2 other shorter term goals leading up to the long term.

  • Therefore you would have a total of 3 goals per category.

3. Action Items: Goals without action are just visions...right? (An action item is a clearly-defined task that needs to be done.)

  • Now expand. Create 1 action item to go with each short and long term goal. Action items consist of: scheduling meetings, scheduling help (coaching, therapy etc), scheduling a purchase item like treadmill, interviewing help like babysitters.

  • The more detailed you can get, the more realistic you can be, the better your chances are to execute! Consider our Thrive List to help walk you through your goal setting now, and revisit it monthly!

4. THRIVE questions:

  1. What’s working?

  2. What’s not working? (are you settling for things?)

  3. What changes do I need to make? (brainstorm)

  4. What would the ideal outcome be? What would that look like?

  5. What are you willing to give up?

  6. What is non-negotiable?

  7. Who may I need for support?

  8. How may I need support?

  9. Where do I need to ask for support?

  10. How will I stay accountable?

5. Get a planner:

  • I'm talking about one that you can write things down in... and I do mean write! You will find yourself retaining more info, providing yourself with more organization to the process of getting things done realistically, and even engaging in how you feel about it all in order to pivot if necessary.

  • No it doesn't have to be a chunky, large one. But it does need to be enough to fit ALL of your schedule in and I do mean ALL (again, like stated above, put your travel time in, school bus wait time in, workouts, meetings, family time, dinner prep .. ALL!)

So what about that travel workout that you can do anywhere with minimal or no equipment?

We've got you...

No excuses, one small space- circular band 1-2 is all you need! If you don't have them you can still do all of the circuit! Try 10-20 reps of each, warm up first with some jumping jacks, and complete the circuit 2-4x! Add in extras like planks, sit-ups, and mobility! (ps.. Bands are inexpensive, travel well, and are very convenient! you can grab some on amazon pretty quickly or even your local walmart).

RUGGED RUNNING has all levels of coaching available!

  1. Personalized ( Holistic Approach with strength training, cardio, nutrition, mobility, weekly check ins, (all based off your strengths/weaknesses and schedule) monthly meetings and more! 6 month-1 year committment) Make an everlasting change!

  2. Semi-Personalized ( for those self go getters, this is a 3 month option that we create holistic programming to include cardio and strength based off your schedule, as well as basic nutrition, mobility and eliminates the communication).

  3. Standard Programming (all in go getters that need some structure to execute race day without the accountability).

We like to include video links like these to your programs! ROLL OUT!


Coming from our sister website (now live and accepting limited registration) SHERUGGED.

Welcome to SheRUGGED! Where adventures, God, and Women collide to build a strong, confident, community of women!

No I don't know everything about the bible and I"M NOT PERFECT !! Good news though, you don't have to be either!!!

Unsure about Christianity? I"m sure you aren't the only one, but I would still encourage you to take part in our group!

We are all broken, maybe somewhat lost, not perfect, maybe operating at burn out level, .. like to ride, run, hike, the dirt, get outdoors, stay inside, drink some wine, don't drink some wine.. we are SheRUGGED

Our Mission:

To empower women to reach their personal best

through faith, effective training methods and a strong

caring community.

We will include, themed days, fitness videos, mindfulness, recipes, mobility, nutrition, confidence boosting, gratitude, a little scripture, financial help, community, events, retreats, workshops, and more!Shop, check out our videos, a different blog post and more!

Christmas Gifts They Really Want?

Rugged Running and SheRUGGED have a few great items in store that can be shipped quickly! SHOP HERE!!! Need it quicker? Consider a gift card! Or purchase a program for them! Practical, useful, enjoyable, life changing gifts!

Don't forget to follow us on instagram! Not signed up for our newsletters and blogs? Get on it! WWW.RUGGEDRUNNING.COM or WWW.SHERUGGED.COM

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