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Its Been Awhile...

Finally got the internet working at the new house! So it's time to fill you all in :) Races in the past few weeks.... Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race 25k Saturday, April 28th, I woke up to a chilly morning in Colorado Springs CO. That wouldn't matter because the trail was soon to heat up! As we (Erin, Wyatt, and I) entered the main trail head parking lot for Cheyenne Mtn, I jittered with excitement. The trails winding up, down and around looked fun and challenging. After a quick check-in, a last minute appearance from former U.S.A. trail teammates Brandy and Tommy...we were on our way! Brandy was off like a rocket on the uphill start (Brandy is an awesome "climber"). I shouted, "see you on the downhill!" we both giggled and hammered on. I would also be overtaken by last years winner Amy Friedman. The calming fact that we still had 15miles to go helped me keep a close distance to both Brandy and Amy. Catching up around the 10k mark, Brandy and I got lost in conversation and found ourselves flying through the half way point were Amy would fall off pace. Working together, Brandy and I rolled through the hills. About an 8k to go, I made my move and didn't look back. Feeling strong, I defeated the downhill as well as the rest of the competition. A great trail, organized race, damn good music :)....and such a blessing to share it with my two best friends, Erin and Wyatt!

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