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How To Choose The Right Training Program

How To Choose The Right Training Program

In a world with numerous training options to choose from, there is no doubt you have some overwhelm. From standard programs to different inclusive/exclusive personalized programs which one is the best fit for you?

I can’t speak for every coaching business but here at Rugged Running we have 3 main options.

  1. Standard (still holistic but basic and best suited for the go getter or experienced)

  2. Semi-Personalized (holistic with your particular schedule in mind)

  3. Personalized (holistic, full length videos, individualized to your schedule, nutrition needs, gait analysis and more!)

I’ve created these options for budgets, but more importantly to help build a strong foundation for runners. Without a strong foundation, we see a lot of injuries, sickness, and mental defeat.

So what does that foundation building look like? Or should it look like, if you are receiving coaching?

  • Communication (without this, how does a coach understand how you are feeling? What is going on in the “rest” of your world? Your other responsibilities or time suckers?)

  • Mentality (you can have all the tools with training, but if you don’t have the positive mental attitude, you’ve got nothing..)

  • Nutrition (both daily and race specific.. You can’t expect your body to perform at its best and stay healthy if you do not have daily nutrition guidance, let alone race day guidance!)

  • Gait Analysis (what’s the point if you are hammering away with up to 7x your body weight coming down on your ligaments/tendons/and joints and you have imbalances or weaknesses that need to be addressed?)

  • Strength Training (whether you are preparing for a race or not, this aspect is key to longevity in the sport and overall wellness later on- but ESPECIALLY important to compose an injury free race)

  • Mobility (as we age, we tend to form scar tissue over old injuries, tightness from computers/ screens and so on… it’s important to include this aspect with videos as well!)

  • Cardiovascular Training (nope! Not just running. Staying on your feet without the impact can be helpful for endurance events but also your health! We use cardio cross training in our programs as well - hike, bike, swim, snowshow, ski.. )

The training doesn’t stop there. If you are missing any of these aspects in your coaching relationship, I’d suggest investing elsewhere. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to continuously have it. Here at Rugged Running we provide a minimum 6 month option for you to learn all the aspects of running, work on your imbalances and grasp a good understanding of overall health and fitness. This allows you to either continue with personalized for those epic adventures or consider a semi-personalized or standard program if your schedule allows.

How do you get the most out of your coaching once you are there?

Knowledge x Action = Power

1) Ask Questions - You will only learn as much as the questions you ask.

2) Don’t be afraid to “fail”... tying is not failing

3) Don’t care what other people think

4) Have fun – not only will this make the experience more enjoyable for you, it will actually help

you remember the things you learn.

5) Take good notes – Try the Capture and Create note taking method - bust out your highlighters and be proactive in your learning! (

6) Memory Tips for remembering what you learn

  • a. Visualization – Picture it in your head

  • b. Association – Associate it to something you already know. To learn any new

thing you must associate it to something you already know.

  • c. Emotion – Adding emotion makes something more memorable.

7) Put what you learn into action – Pick 3 things you learn and put them into action right away!

8) Be sure you understand and use all that is being offered (zoom meetings, camps, informational newsletters, free group events, tips and tricks)

9) Join the online community (such as Rugged Running or SheRUGGED

10) Be open, accept change, and be prepared to be challenged. Not to mention trusting. If you are constantly analyzing.. There is such thing as paralysis of analysis (granted you can learn more about the double edged boundary setting in our SheRUGGED podcasts that touch on setting boundaries low and high. Click

So whether you are a Rugged Runner or working with another coach, consider the above to optimize your time, energy and money… It is an investment in your health!

Want to learn more about Rugged Running Personalized Coaching click

Michele works with teammate Coach Salynda, an exceptional, educated elite runner and mom of 3! We both look forward to serving you and you can read more about us on our website "team bios"!!!

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