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Holiday Hiccups...Dreading a setback?

  • Dreading another setback through this holiday season?

  • Blowing off setting your goals for the new year?

  • Overwhelmed and just trying to get through?

So maybe you already blew it. It happens. You were rolling along through the year and thought, I have time. Then BAM! Halloween rolled around and you started to think about your goals but never sat down to truly plan them to even give them a chance in 2023.

Now you are in survival mode, thinking " I will just get through this and I can plan them at the beginning of January sometime." But each year you encounter this holiday hiccup. This setback. Either a big one like not planning all of your goals wholeheartedly or maybe falling off the wagon when it comes to your strength work, running, or fitness.

"If you don't change anything, nothing will change."

You've probably heard me say that a few times. The most injuries I typically see are those after the new year or when individuals (beginner to elite), start a training cycle again and aren't honest with themselves. Meaning, they missed some workouts, (YES! recovery is important and one should take time off. Try to plan it because there will be unplanned time off needed for illness or things that come up that are priorities). But they underestimate those workouts as a "few" and when they look back (because they should be journaling :) keeping track) they realized that few was actually several and really they haven't had a good strength workout in a few weeks and now they are just going to try to jump back in to where they left off and BAM! again... get hit with a setback.

My point is, don't get blind sided year after year. If you already made the mistake of it this year, then plan ahead RIGHT NOW for next year. Speak with your coach, get a coach, get on a plan that provides a realistic structure for you for your schedule in order to execute, enjoy, and exceed your expectations. In my last blog post I gave you guys a "travel workout" that can easily be done anywhere. I realize some are at different levels of fitness and this may be difficult but you can still use it as a guide. (For example: if regular pushups are too hard, try to just hold the position for as long as you can. If you can't do a single leg try double leg.)

You know it's coming...The Chaos. The excitement. The blow off. One of the simplest things I tell my clients and do myself is: when you know you are going to have a crazy day, or a possible one. Consider UPON WAKING UP (literally roll out of bed) and do:

  • 1 minute marching in place or jumping jacks

  • 3x through:

  • Lunges or squats 20 each (mini works fine for those that are building up)

  • pushups 20 (again hold or on knees if you are still working on them)

  • plank holds 30 seconds (try on your knees, push your hips forward)

  • * these amounts can vary

Because now, first thing in the morning you just did a full body mini strength workout and GREAT! if you have time later, you can add on, if you don't think it is great in a pinch that won't let your strength drop and cause injury.


Stan will be embarking on a journey that very few have ever tried or accomplished! As a long time Rugged Runner this man deserves an individual shout out for what he is about to do!

He will be GOING BIG at the GO BIG 260 MILE run in Hawaii!!!

You can read more about that event here click

AND you can please comment on this blog post to wish him well, give him mantras, and show your support! (ps, one of the coolest things about coaching for me is how friendships bloom here and how other Rugged Runner's support other RR's at their events!)


  • January 8, 8am, Beaver Ranch Park (Conifer Colorado) HIKE ONLY! (This ones for the ladies and part of our SheRUGGED program

  • January 14, 8am, Rothrock State Forest (Galbraith Gap Parking area) Pennsylvania (RUN)

  • More Coming Soon for January! Indiana, Steamboat and other locations! (if you'd like to host let us know)

Interested in coaching? We have a few options for you!

Don't forget to comment below and wish Stan some fun on his adventures! We are routing for you Stan!

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