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It's has been a whirlwind the past few months! Silver Rush 50 mile mtb, Elevation Race, Rugged Running The Camp, Leadville 100 mtb, training weekends in Steamboat for RRR, and my baby girl started preschool!!!!

Let's start with Silver Rush 50 mile mtb

The whole week was ruined. We had plans on family camping near Leadville to enjoy the holiday weekend (4th of July), but Colorado was in a blaze. Literally.. 11 fires at that time and most were not contained. This included the one closest to the race. We found plenty to do around the house though and I made the decision that I would just wake up super early, drive to the race, race and drive home!

That plan worked. Using this for a stepping stone into my training for RRR 100, I patiently awaited the start. Previously watching videos on how mountain bikers had to run up a mountain with their bikes the first 100 yards or so I tried to create my plan on execution as well. All the athletes had their bikes staged (lying down on the ground for the race to begin), but of course there had to be the one jerk that tried to carry his bike over everyone else's bike to push his way to the front.. and in doing so he stepped right on my derailleur! I didn't even think anything of it as the gun went off!

Frustrated!!!! I maneuvered my way around a jerk who just HAD to be in front and couldn't run up the hill worth a damn. Seriously?! Only to get cut off by another jerk who almost caused a massive pile up (I only get heated here because the reality is, half of the jerks that do this can't even maintain half the speed they are trying to go anyways... so it would be so awesome if they would just recognize this, be a bit more conservative and keep everyone else safe too!)...

I still got a pretty good start but noticed something wasn't right with my gears as soon as we hit a bit of climb. UHG!!!.. not being that bike mechanic savvy..I kept on but would have to ride in higher gears until my hip joints felt like they were going to blow out of the socket, then jump off like an unfit idiot and try to run my way up the climbs. Continuing this method until I FINALLY found a bike mechanic half way through would completely tax me. I had no idea I was riding top 5 females until then and tried my best to execute the final miles of the race with nothing left. Surprisingly, I earned 10th female...could have been 9th and 3rd in my age group but I politely let the lady in front of me go down the last drop first. Yeah me.. hahaha competitive me.. but I guess at that point I figured it didn't matter and again really didn't think I was even top 10.

Moving on...

I squeezed in another Steamboat RRR training weekend with family and Rugged Runner's Nicci, Matt and Suzi. The kids had a blast fishing with Wyatt as we took to the trails. The weekend was a success as we found the new Emerald Mountain loop to be challenging but super fun!

The Colorado Elevation Race and Celebration was a success. Rugged Running ambassadors came from all over, including the east coast! We had a blast at their 5k/10k event and some of us ran the shorter distances for the first time in 10 years! Myself included. I decided on the 5k event since it was most similar to what I had planned for my RRR training. I was pleased to finish 1st female and 2nd overall with almost breaking 20 minutes at elevation 8500! Major congrats to Melinda Coen for her 3rd place finish there and all the rest of the Rugged Runners who participated. THANKS FOR COMING OUT GUYS!


I can't say enough about camp weekend. I feel so blessed to be doing what I love and helping others. Camp started off like every other year with an easy group run, followed by my infamous salad bar (complete with note cards on what and why you should eat it!). Maggie Guterl (another perk for the camp.. you get to meet, run, hang out with Maggie Guterl-> World class runner who worked her way up to World Champs at the 24 hour..and killed it of course ;) was present and super helpful! The camp schedule includes agility, hill drills and technique, speed drills for leg turnover, mountain runs, nutrition and just some plane ol' fun around the camp and camp fire.


A bummer bonk this year. Although it started off I rolled through the half way point even. But unfortunately, I made the mistake of moving my bike seat back a little farther than I should have with my hip surgeries and it cost me my race. My goals 1. DO NOT HURT MYSELF FOR RRR100 2. Finish top 15 female 3. Finish sub 9 hours. My pace was taken me there, but my hips were screaming at the top of Columbine. The smart decision was taken, I would hold off on finishing to save my legs for RRR100. The following two weeks after, it was clear that it was a great decision (no matter how disappointing) for I battled hip and ITBS issues due to the seat adjustment. They wouldn't hinder me from some stellar running workouts though.


Wow already?! Yup, my baby girl busted through the front doors of Elk Creek Elementary a week or so ago and isn't looking back. My eyes teared up a bit, for I know she will do great things!


Run Rabbit Run 100 mile. On September 14th, I will toe the line once again to attempt not only a finish, but hopefully an epic one. My New Year's goals were pretty simple but precise. 1. Get as strong as possible, stronger than ever, lower body and core, because that will be the only chance in hell I have to finish this race. 2. Knowledge. Increase my knowledge in all aspects, coaching and how to best help my clients, my own nutrition and battle against the diseases and health challenges I've been diagnosed with, and of course for my offspring.

Summit Lake- Steamboat Springs

I'm happy to report I am not only stronger but faster than I ever have been in my entire life including in 2013 when I set the record at RRR (the course has now changed this year and I'm super excited for the new test). One thing that I can't change though, my hip joints are still rotten. So will they hold up for an epic race??? I have HIGH HIGH HOPES! My fellow friends and clients will be there taking on the adventure themselves, I'm so grateful to share the trails with them!!! #HELLBENT RUGGED RUNNERS!

theme song: High Hopes- Panic at the Disco

(below) Summit Lake Looking out- Steamboat Springs

Special thanks!!!

Ultimate Direction

Gu Energy

Health Warrior

Eldorado Springs Water

Evergreen Mountain Sports


Dave Wiskowski for his exceptional mtb crewing skills

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