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So once again, I begin the journey to HOPEFULLY represent the U.S.A. at another World Championships in mountain trail running. After a long vacation (although I'm not so sure it was a vacation..more like I needed a vacation from my vacation!) I've started training hard once again. Now that I got my AWESOME dog from grandma's (thanks mom and dad for watching Bo while I was traveling and getting settled), I'm ready to go! So who is with me? I need some trail running buddies. Speed is not necessarily a factor, but running the trails alone is not a smart idea given the wildlife :) Bo is a little out of shape still, otherwise those that know him, know he could show anyone up on a 5mile trail course! I have already got my base back and have been hitting the hill/mountain repeats. I'm looking at training at the incline in Colorado Springs once a week early morning, Roxborough park, and Golden/Genesee areas. Let me know if you wanna come along or have any other suggestions for awesome, steep trails :) Thanks for the love guys!

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