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Effective Goal Execution: Part 2

Here is our second installment of goal setting and tracking methods. In this installment, we cover the 4-1-1 method, the WHOOP technique, and the Golden Circle method.

The 4-1-1 Method:

4-1-1 stands for 4 weeks, 1 month, and 1 year. We use the 4-1-1 as a productivity tool to reflect your top priorities. The 4-1-1 tool allows you to define your weekly, monthly, and annual goals. Because your daily activities manifest into your overall results, the goals you set are an effective and crucial accountability function for you.

I like to combine this method with the backward method:

Backward Goals

To quickly find your goal, begin by choosing the overall success you would like to have. Then work backward to identify what small goals, targets, and tasks need to be achieved to make that top goal happen. This is a backward goal with a realistic view of what it takes to be successful.

For Example: My yearly goal this year has to be put on hold. I am having some more health problems and we aren’t sure of the exact prognosis yet. This has made it very difficult for me with depression and living life! But I found a breath of fresh air when I sat myself down and realized even if I couldn’t make big goals this year, I could possibly for the following year, 2022. In 2022 I turn 40. So no doubt most of us want to do something epic! I choose Leadwoman. Multiple events with running and mountain biking that goes on throughout the year. I don’t just want to accomplish it though, I want to KILL the record! So something as challenging as this will take time to execute. So now I start with that as my main goal, making baby steps and smaller goals to reach it. I plan a road marathon in 2021 as my “bigger” event, with smaller goals (like increasing my hip band strength) along the way in order to accomplish the big ones!


The WHOOP Technique:

It is based on a visualization technique known as Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions (MCII) in the scientific literature. WOOP stands for:

  • W — Wish – wish something you want to accomplish for real, one that’s exciting, challenging, realistic.

  • O — Outcome – imagine the best outcome of your goal, and feel how would the outcome make you feel.

  • O — Obstacle – imagine the personal obstacles that prevent you from accomplishing your goal.

  • P — Plan – make an if/then plan to name an action you could do if your obstacle occurs.

Think about it... As mentioned in previous methods, you need to find a good intrinsic motivational “WHY.” .. So ask yourself...

  1. It’s hard to take this goal seriously.

  2. Quite frankly, I don’t care if I achieve this goal or not.

  3. I am strongly committed to pursuing this goal.

  4. It wouldn’t take much to make me abandon this goal.

  5. I think this is a good goal to shoot for.

  • Goal Setting is Motivation. The primary purpose of setting goals is to increase your motivation levels.

  • Intrinsic, as stated before. Setting goals YOURSELF can help you obtain what YOU want and motivate you along the way.

  • When you set goals, you have a clear mission to work for. As they say, you create everything twice: first in mind, and then in the real world. Goals are that first creation in your mind.

  • Goal-setting and accountability help you stay on track with life. Personal growth and stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to obtain the life you want to live. You can be moving in the right direction on the track but you can still get run over; make progress. Keep going.

  • When you set goals, you see, plan, and think ahead. And even when they do not work out exactly as you planned them, they make you self-confident that you will succeed. Goals help you “pivot.” You take baby steps, learn to trust yourself, and then finish it with some minor alterations to keep things realistic.

  • Goals show you the best point to focus upon for success. Efficiency! You set yourself up for success with focus and a clear vision.

  • Again, Goals breed trust. If you take baby steps to the bigger goals you will learn to trust yourself. YOU WILL SUCCEED because you just did on those baby steps.


The GOLDEN Circle Method:

Draw a target circle with three layers, at the center give your reason for Why you have goals, in the next layer describe How you can achieve them, and in the last layer describe What you have to do to achieve them.

  • What? What type? spiritual, fitness, nutrition, financial?

  • How?: By what means, what procedures, what help, what tools?

  • Why? Why do you want to do this? What are the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations? Hint: you should have far more intrinsic motivators.


So now we have shared several methods to create and execute your goals! But if there isn't any motivation, there won’t be any success. So again, how will you motivate yourself?

Stepping outside of your comfort zone will be one way. It should scare you (not necessarily terrify you), and excite you all at the same time. It should be challenging, but realistic WITH HARD WORK. Too many times I have seen people give up on their dreams because they fail to create a positive mindset.

Creating a positive mindset can and will take some work. Consider this short exercise from Jim Kwik to create new unlimited beliefs before creating your goals. Download the pdf below.

Download PDF • 167KB

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