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Eating Healthy While Traveling

With the Holidays coming up many of us may be spending time away from home traveling to family or friends. We have less control over what we eat on travel days and may not have access to higher quality foods. Not to mention, it’s easy to eat out of boredom when sitting on a plane or in a car all day!

Here are some tips to keep your diet in check while traveling with the goal of making it to your destination feeling fresh instead of sluggish!

1. Plan ahead:

• Don’t rely on gas stations or airports for your snacks! There are too many tempting unhealthy foods that will find their way into your mouth! Pack a cooler with your favorite snacks. We all know that travel messes with our normal bathroom schedule J and can cause GI distress! Pack foods that you know agree well with you to make the ride more comfortable.

• Avoid snacks that come in large bags/boxes with multiple servings (example: large bags of trail mix, veggie straws, pita chips). Not only are these items most likely highly processed but it’s often hard to stop eating them once you have opened the bag!

2. Stay hydrated:

• You might fear having to stop or get up for several bathroom breaks if you drink too much while traveling but as runners it’s a good excuse to stretch your legs. If traveling by car pack some sparkling waters, coconut water or your other favorite hydrating drinks. If on a plane bring your empty water bottle through security and be sure to fill it up before your flight. Drop some electrolyte tablets in your bottle for a flavor boost.

3. Snack ideas:

• Albacore canned tuna in water

• Raw, lightly salted nuts (may need to portion these out)

• Natural popcorn without butter

• Health Warrior Bars – or other healthy bars (read the labels!)

• All the fresh fruit! – apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, cherries, bananas, cherry tomatoes, berries

• All the veggies! (pre-cut) carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, jicama

• Hummus, bean dip, salsa

• Pre-made salads and sandwiches

• Boiled eggs

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