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Updated: Oct 22, 2018

WOW!.. What an experience from the other end of the spectrum! I am inspired, motivated, humbled, and in love! Just when I thought I couldn't love the ultra trail world anymore, it surprises me. This time from a race directors point of view. As you know, my hubby and I set out to host the Colorado 200 this past July. Although mocked, ridiculed, and flat out put down for the idea from some, we endured the negativity and pushed on. Why?.. because it was our dream to share our favorite parts of the Colorado mountains with others, and what better way to do that then provide a racing opportunity ( in which we both love as well) for others to accomplish their goals and dreams. The journey would begin with many challenges, including locking down a course that would still include the trails we love, but would be probable for a permit as well. One must obtain permitting from the appropriate organization in order to host a race (in our case, we were allowed 100 participants this year). After NUMEROUS course changes and re-routing, we were able to finalize our course (Colorado 200 course). From there, the fun began! Aid station locations, directions, crew access, aid station supplies, volunteers, course markings you name it, it has to be done (and just like racing an ultra, you have to go into it the best you possible can be prepared, because things will happen and you will need adjust, step up, and grind it out)! After months of devising, the time had come. Wyatt and I could not thank Justine Helminiak enough. She was our stand out volunteer for this event. We also have to give a special thank you to my parents who did everything from watching Maya, to running our dogs, cooking for whoever was at our cabin, cooking all the potatoes and preparing food for the aid stations, and for 10 hours straight we made all those dang little clothes pin course markings! While I am at it, THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEERS!!! Truly- we could not have done this without you as well as our sponsors ( Ultimate Direction, Icespike, Wilde Snacks, Fuel 100, Dork Brothers, Slumberjack, Eldorado Springs water, Rock Tape, Zeal Optics, Trail Toes, Victory Bags, Gu Energy, and Sls compression and Big Agnes. Continuing on below the picture..

Again, challenges would come up. Although I had been to the grocery store a few times already with 3 full carts at a time, I ended up having to go several more times during the course of the event. While I did that, Wyatt would be loading up the aid station captains' vehicles with all the items they would need including tents, sleeping bags, food, coolers, cookware.. Justine would be checking people in and preparing for the mandatory meeting. With minutes to spare, we came together for the meeting. Course and event information would be discussed and awesome giveaways from our sponsors (see above picture-UD vests, Victory bags, icespikes, zeal sunglasses and so on!) would be given out. 8:07 the next morning, the race would start. I waited patiently a mile up the road to make sure everyone was on the right track.

The runners would start off on a paved road for 1/2 mile until entering into a big playground of mountains, trails, rivers, streams, lakes...and yes muddy rocks! :)

The course would take them up and down climbs like most of them have never even seen let alone ran before! Elevation Profile: Total Elevation Gain: 41,570 feet Total Elevation Loss: 41,570 feet Total Change In Elevation: 83,140 feet Maximum Elevation: 12,713 feet Minimum Elevation: 8,310 feet Average Elevation: >10,000 feet We would also like to thank all of the determined runners who took on the challenge...


PLEASE JOIN US... Next Year for the 200 mile individual event OR THE DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY!!! Volunteers!!! pacing, sweeping, aid stations, check in, finish line, etc... are always needed and appreciated too!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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