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This weekend was all about USATF Colorado Running Championships. First up, Saturday's Cross Country State Championships. The cool Colorado Springs morning would quickly warm up as the gun went off for the start of the women's 6k. I knew this was going to be a quick one! My last cross country race was probably several years ago and those who read my blogs know that I rarely run anything short of a half marathon. With that said, I knew I needed some speed work and this was a great way to accomplish that. My great start would soon be swallowed up by a pack of speedy ladies. I fought back only to finally regain some ground on the 3rd and final lap of the 6k course. Finishing strong, I was disappointed but not surprised with my place...after all I felt like I could have done it again several more times! 13th place 22:39. The next day, Sunday October 21st, 2012... my alarm would be buzzing in the early morning hours again. "Round two!" I would utter. Today was going to be a better day I decided :) Wyatt and I would cruise north to Boulder, CO where the USATF Colorado Half Marathon Championships would be held. Surprisingly caught in traffic (ALL going to the race on the only road to the event), I had to jump out of the car and run my warm up a few miles down the road to get to the start on time! I just made it...ripping off my sweats, peeing behind a tree (no time to wait in line at the porta potties!), and taking my place on the line. My on time arrival would only be due to the 15minute delay of the race ( the announcer would inform us that only 500 where pre-registered and over 1,000 had just registered which was causing all the chaos!). No time for nerves, just the bang of the start gun and all 1500 of us where off! The Boulder back roads were a beauty to run and this course in general was favorable to my speedy downhill running ability. Mostly dirt road, an out and back course, climbing a few hundred feet and then descending on into the finish line. I battled for 4th and 5th place with Colleen DeReuk and Brandy Erholtz. I ended up an overall 4th place, however Colleen being a master was in a separate division so I then received 3rd place. Times were all slow (with some athletes stating there gps's said it was more of a 13.4 mile course). 1:25 3rd/4th place. Satisfied with this, I will now focus my attention on the USA Trail Marathon Championships in Moab UT November 3rd.

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