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XOSKIN MID Compression Shorts Review

By Anna Hailey

Recently, I had the opportunity to try two pairs of XOSKIN compression shorts. Several years ago, Heather Simon, fellow Rugged Runner and ambassador for XOSKIN, introduced me to their products. Admittedly, I am not typically a huge fan of compression gear. I feel somewhat self-conscious in tight-fitting clothing and tend to favor tracksuit type pants (which may be why I am routinely asked if I am a PE teacher). At that time, I purchased a pair of tights and I made the mistake of not paying attention to sizing recommendations. I ended up wearing them infrequently because I ordered a small rather than recommended medium. However lately, I was interested in trying XOSKIN again after hearing advertisements for XOSKIN on various podcasts such as Ultrarunner Podcast and Trail Runner Nation. I was eager to try their new compression shorts, which are now offered MID as well as MAX compression.

XOSKIN uses the most advanced technology to maximize athlete comfort and performance. The company’s slogan is “XOSKIN is your second skin” and the unique 3D technology in their products serves as an external supporting structure for your skin that is breathable, elastic, and maintains appropriate moisture balance. The products use seamless knitting to provide support where it is needed most and enable freedom of movement. Properties of XOSKIN fabric allow skin and fabric to stay cooler and dryer through reduced skin to fabric friction and faster movement of moisture over the fiber matrix. All items are created with their RAPIDriCOPPER™ technology, which consists of copper ions in the fiber matrix that promote a healthier skin environment and decrease odor causing bacteria.

Women’s MID Compression Shorts: ($66-$77, 5 size options, 3 length option, 2 rise options, 5 color choices)


• The MID Compression Shorts are made with Seamless XOSKIN™ technology.

• The shorts include 3D body mapped sweat traps and air channels that help promote maximum airflow. The shorts are designed to target compression zones in the thighs, buttocks, hips and quads for targeted skeletal support and range of movement.

• The material is made from US Patented PTFE and Copper yarns helping to promote skin wellness and inhibit odor causing bacteria.

• The shorts are preshrunk. They should be washed on gentle cycle with like fabrics, no buckles, zippers, or Velcro and can be air dried or dried on gentle.


• The MID compression shorts are available in low or midrise waist in short (5” inseam), midi (6.5-7” inseam) and ¾ short (8” inseam). I sampled short and midi lengths in a size medium.

• Both pairs were so comfortable I pretty much forgot about them.

Short (5 inch inseam)

Shorts in Action:

• During testing, I wore them in a variety of conditions, including short and long runs ranging from treadmill to downpour and there was no chafing—even in wet conditions

• Also, I tried them as a base layer under my rain pants. Even for a non-compression enthusiast, these shorts performed exceptionally well.

• Both pairs stayed in place. With other compression shorts, I have felt like they are constantly riding up my waist or thighs, and I am continually tugging at them. This was especially evident on a rainy run where normally I would be repeatedly pulling up my shorts. I think I will really enjoy having these shorts in the hot, and oppressively humid Texas summers.


• The shorts were supportive without feeling constricting. I experience chronic hip pain, and I do feel that having some degree of support is beneficial to me on long runs especially.

Quick Conclusion on XOSKIN MID Compression Shorts:

Pros: Comfortable, light-weight, supportive, excellent fit.

Cons: One negative aspect, albeit minor, of these shorts for was me the lack of pockets.

I would highly recommend trying XOSKIN if you are considering compression shorts or any compression garment. I believe that XOSKIN strives to provide the best product and is continually working to improve technology and design. They have excellent customer service and products are made entirely in the United States.

You can get XOSKIN MID Compression Shorts, and more gear here. Use code RuggedRunning for 20% off.

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1 Comment

Did you try the low or mid rise waist? They look like they’re.

sitting at a nice height on you. It’s so hard to find a pair of shorts that stay put!

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