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Top 10 Reasons Crewing for my Ultra Runner Prepared Me for Fatherhood

The past few months have been filled with all sorts of emotions as Michele and I prepare to bring our first child into the world. Most of all, we are excited for what is to come, but one can't help but feel overwhelmed when they are expecting their first child. When reflecting on the past year, I couldn't help but think of all the similarities that crewing for Michele during her ultras has to caring for a child. So here are my top 10 reasons crewing for her has prepared me to care for our little girl that will join us in 3 short months! 10) I’ve had practice feeding my runner nutritional snacks while on the run. 9) I’ve wiped runny noses. 8) I’ve cleaned up boo boos and owees. 7) I’ve had practice preparing the bath tub for my tired runner. 6) I’ve washed muddy clothes in a hotel bath tub. 5) I’ve carried my tired runner from the car to their hotel bed. 4) I’ve had plenty of practice filling up bottles. 3) I can rock a fanny pack. 2) I’ve learned to always bring a change of clothes. AND THE #1 REASONS IS…… I can do all of the above while getting it on film!

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