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Indiana Trail 100 and then some...

As I prepare for the Indiana Trail 100 (to be held next weekend, April 20th), I can't help but think of what's next after that. Faced with the sacred opportunities to compete in both the Western States Endurance Run as well as the IAU World Ultra Championships...I am silenced but restless. How great is this? ...Some could only hope of being in my place, and knowing this... I am forever grateful. THE RACES ARE ONE WEEK A PART. One in Squaw Valley California, the other...Wales U.K. I have always lived life to the fullest, trying to never waste opportunities or have regrets, to use the talents that God has given me to their most precious extent. Could I possibly do both and succeed? What would outline success? World Championships are a must, an event I have dreamed of racing in and an occasion that cannot be passed up. Western States, named one of the most prestigious races in the world, arguably more competition than even the World Ultra Championships would have...perhaps even considered the World Ultra Championships to most (especially those who compete in it)...would I be throwing away an irreplaceable journey? I am confident I could qualify again, but who can even count on tomorrow let alone another year of life? In doing both, could I really expect my body to endure that much pain for that long period of time...twice?! What a trip that would be.. knowing I would LEAVE everything, GIVE everything, and LIVE everything I have ever dreamed of. Perplexed as I am, I try to re-center myself for the now, Indiana Trail 100 and the ambition to capture the American Trail 100 Mile Record of 14:57:18. The weather conditions are not favorable, but I will stay positive in my trek to reach the fastest time ever ran on a 100 mile trail course.

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