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WHAT A BEAUTIFUL RACE!!! HOW BLESSED AM I?!... Let's just get to it. For those who don't know yet, I am pregnant! By the time you read this, I will be about 10 weeks. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Disease (high Thyroperoxidase Antibodies) and am very fearful of not having a healthy baby (the Thyroid affects the babies development tremendously). We hope, that I was put on medication in time! Moving on...I got the green light from the docs to race. Okay, not really "race," but run in some organized events :) Abiding by the rules: 1. Train smart 2. Don't overheat 3. Stay hydrated 4. Use the talk test, if you can't talk your baby can't breathe! With this in mind...and VERY little training in the past two months, Wyatt and I and the dogs set out for Cimarron Colorado. *The babies health will always be #1 in my mind in whatever I do over the course of this next year, but doctors approve of me still running as long as I feel good. I don't just feel good, I feel BETTER when I run. I sleep better, I don't get leg cramps, and it eliminates gas and nausea (no sugar coating from this lady). So with that said, I want to continue to run/race throughout pregnancy and stay active in the running community. *Cimarron 50k was opportunity #1. ...and I took it! Ever Run Racing is the name of the event series down there (Cimarron, Ouray, Gunnison...south west Colorado) If you haven't checked out their website and events yet, you are MISSING OUT!!!.. The video below will illustrate what a BEAUTIFUL course it was! Not only is the racing experience awesome, but I'd recommend taking the whole weekend and going camping too! There are tons of neat campgrounds around the Blue Mesa and all over the area. The race went like this: I actually felt pretty good. Although my belly is very much rounded now, I forget sometimes that I'm pregnant...Until my boobs start hurting ( YES I have some boobs now, a perk with pregnancy!), I'm hungry a mile down the road, and I have to pee 20 minutes into the start...and then 7 times after that ( that's a lot in a 50k race :) My goals were simple for this race. Enjoy it, finish IF you can, but don't push it. I didn't set out to win, break any records, or dominate the men :) I sincerely just wanted to run, and that is what I did. The rolling hills and breath taking views allowed a peaceful flow to happen. To my luck, I ended up finishing first female out of the handful of runners there and running a 4:41:55. As always, huge thank you to THE SIMPLY BAR , ICESPIKE , ULTIMATE DIRECTION, and GU ENERGY. The course stats: 5,920 feet of elevation change (2,960 gain/2,960 loss). Maximum elevation of 8,712 feet.

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