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100K @ 4 Months Pregnant

6/14/14 - GUNNISON COLORADO- 100K ENDURANCE RUN. Elevation 8,000 + (11,638 elevation change) Running a 100k in the majestic mountains of Colorado at 4 months pregnant was truly a treat. I don't write this to gloat, I write this for sponsors and those who have a positive outlook on pregnant runners. So please, do like your momma told you...and if you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all~ I speak for myself and the other million of pregnant runners (like the numerous pregnant runner support groups on facebook I found) ...who have accomplished amazing feats while staying healthy. Please don't take this the wrong way. I am not encouraging those who don't have the experience, who don't know themselves to the utmost extreme, to go run a 100k. This race was divided into 2 start groups: 4am and 6am. Those wanting to take on the cool, dark brisk morning would start at 4am. I was there... and so happy I was. After a nice 5 mile conversation with my new friend, Jason, I navigated my way through some thick bushes, focusing on the rocky terrain and eventually found myself running solo. For as far as I could see, there was no one in front or behind me. There were no homes, cars, or other animals, Just me... surrounded by majestic mountains with the glowing, golden sun peering over the mountain tops. This would be a sight, a moment, and an experience I will never forget. Only 10 miles in at this point, and I had already accomplished what I came here for, "A MOMENT."

Continuing on over the rolling hills, I hardly felt pregnant (except when I looked down and saw my bump!). Obviously keeping the baby in mind, 100% of the time...I made sure to stay extra hydrated (peeing every 30 minutes on the dot!!), as well as cool, calm, and fed (still loving my simply bars and some low/no caffeine GU Gels)... salty caramel is still the all time favorite! It helped that Leila Degrave ( an Inov8 sponsored, elite athlete) started at 6am. I felt no competitiveness. Keeping the climbs at a very slow or walking pace as well as a short stride on the downhill, allowed my heart rate to stay very low, my body temperature down, and the rest of me relaxed. 100k's later, after a very slow 3rd loop of 3, I was happy to finish (especially because I went into the event with the intent on only completing two loops with the 3rd one being questionable). ...but continued on hiking and enjoying the sites for that final loop. I can't thank my wonderful husband, Wyatt, and the Yates crew (Bo and Zoey) for there endless support. Looking for a "MOMENT" for yourself??? WWW.EVERRUNRACING.COM events and volunteer opportunities in the stunning Colorado mountains! Thanks to my sponsors: VIDEO BELOW!!!! ~ Ultimate Direction ~ The Simply Bar ~ GU Energy ~ Icespike ULTIMATE DIRECTION 20% OFF ANYTHING.... USE CODE: MYUD20

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