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KANSAS City MO Running Clinic-Women Empowerment!

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When: Saturday, March 5th, 2022 (8:00 am - 11:00 am)

What: Running/Fitness Camp building basic, efficiency skills and form to capitalize on your performance. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!!! We especially love working with beginners! Although men are welcome, I'm creating this one to also be a Women's Empowerment Workshop! This add on is optional and free of charge.

Where: Residence Inn Kansas City Airport click here (you do not need to book a room to participate, however, it would be great fun getting to know everyone even more if you did stay! We are not under any "group" registration, you book individually)

THIS WILL BE OUTDOORS (even in less than ideal weather) Please be masked if it is a requirement at that time (currently no masks required). We will be following state mandated rules! The exact parking lot or outdoor area will be mapped and given to you with your introduction email by March 1st. This event will be limited to 10 people! There is a no refund policy (however, if paperwork is signed in time, transfers are allowed). And in light of a problem on our end with permitting, covid restrictions etc, we will offer full refunds.

Note: For the MI camp we were able to do half outside and half inside with mobility work, injury prevention and more! This may be the case for Kansas too!

Add On: Join us at 2 pm Saturday for the Women's Empowerment Workshop. This will roughly be 1 hr long. We will cover briefly cover confidence building, goal setting, and all things women power :)

Extra Add On: For those wanting to dive a bit deeper into the spiritual world with me, we will continue our above session with some scripture, stories, and how God can possibly help. Don't know God? no worries, I'm no expert either.. this is optional.

How Much: $150 per person

Details: Join World Class athlete and coach, Michele Yates as she guides you through basic but effective skills to take you to the next level. All levels are welcome and beginners are encouraged. Michele is a certified holistic nutritionist, she possesses a degree in Kinesiological Sciences with a concentration in fitness management and has excelled in numerous running and mountain biking events from shorter distance road to ultra trails. She has been a member of team USA and participated in World Championships as well as Olympic trials in the marathon. She is a 4x National Champions at the ultra trail distances. Her experience with fitness started over two decades ago with managing high end health and fitness facilities with all levels of clients, special needs clients and children. She believes in a holistic approach and will provide the following:

  • Gait analysis
  • Nutrition
  • Speed Drills
  • Dynamic Lead ups
  • Injury Prevention
  • Agility
  • Mobility
  • Detailed follow up email with specifics from the camp as well as videos
  • Goody bag
  • And more..

Please bring:

  1. Warm gear
  2. Mask that covers your mouth and nose! (if required)
  3. 2 pairs of shoes that you would like a gait analysis in
  4. Traction ( removable would be best for certain aspects but icespikes are ok too)
  5. Water
  6. Snack

Tentative Schedule:

8 am Warm Up (whether you need to walk or can run, we will start off with a 10 minute warm up together)

8:10 am Speed Drills (for form and efficiency) note: this does not mean we will be "going fast" we will focus on form.

8:45 am Dynamic Lead Ups (for proper muscle firing and engagement)

9:10 am Agility Ladder Drills (for efficiency, strength and speed especially on technical trails)

10:00 am Quick Videos for Gait Analysis ( Michele will shoot some videos of you running individually and analyze them later on her own time. She will include her analysis with pictures in your detailed follow up emails that will include muscle imbalances you may have, recommended shoes, strength or physical therapy exercises to correct those and overall bio-mechanics). This time will also serve as a quick break for those not getting their videos done. Bathroom, water and snack are a great idea here.

Break (as mentioned above, when one is not getting video taped, they are welcome to break time)

10:20 am Injury Prevention exercises (You will observe and may try some exercises that can help prevent common injuries and the running and fitness world) Followed with a short mobility routine.

10:40 am A brief discussion on overall nutrition and steps you can take to live an overall healthy life as well as quick tips on race nutrition for those who do race (Most of this info will be provided in your follow up email)

10:50 am Q&A's on the camp with Coach Michele and how to utilize all that was learned today!

Informational emails will be sent next week with directions and details to the exact location in the parking lot of Treetops Convention Center January 8th.

Want more? You can add on an individual, 45 minute, in person meeting -->with limited availability Friday/Saturday/or Sunday (please ask Michele for her schedule) to cover any additional questions you may have or consider a short strength session. Click Here!

Interested in an online program instead? Get started on one of our programs for as low as $20/month! Click Here!
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