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Confidence Building Zoom

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Join us for an online, group ZOOM meeting that will go into detail on confidence building methods, details, and execution. Once registered, you will be emailed homework with specific information on confidence building to fill out to the best of your ability. Once we meet, we will discuss how to put it all in action effectively.

What: Online Zoom Meeting for Confidence Building. Approx 35 mins

When: Sunday, February 6th 2022. 3pm for the meeting. Paperwork will be emailed by January 30th 2022.

Who: Group Setting, Limited to 15 people. Adults or mature teens, all levels.

Where: Online Zoom (you must have it installed prior)

Why: So many of us fall short in life due to our lack of Confidence. Not only does it affect us, it also splashes over to our loved ones, piers, and others. Lets take this bull by the horns and show em who's the boss of me!

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