Michele Yates is a amazing coach!

Chris Bull


Michele is a great coach! Her holistic approach to running got me so much stronger and faster. I always had anxiety about the little details in races, but Michele was there to answer every small question I had (about nutrition, warm ups, recovery, mindset, etc.) to the point where I now show up to races calm and cool. 
Michele scheduled workouts around my schedule, and adjusted them immediately whenever anything unexpected arose. I’m looking forward to the next year of training under Michele’s guidance.

Mattie Diveglia


This past weekend I did a 50 miler and it went awesome! I was able to keep a steady pace and finished really strong. So I wanted to give huge thanks to Michele because her coaching has changed my running in many ways. I started working with her after 2 epic ultra fails due to exhausting training plans & poor hydration/nutrition on race day. Michele has worked with me on every aspect of running, not just the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other part, and she has even made me appreciate hills! So here’s to you coach, you are amazing.


New York

I’ve utilized Michele’s expertise and guidance from my first 50k up to my first 100 mile and everything in between, can’t recommend anyone better to help accomplish your goals. She’ll work with you not only on the running program, but also nutrition, strength, flexibility, and recovery. She lives what she teaches and it’s evident in the athletes that represent Rugged Running across the Country. Since using Michele I’ve pretty much PR’d every distance and just recently completed my first 100 miler under her guidance. The Rugged Running community of athletes are supportive and pretty badass too!

Matt Collins


Michele not only tailors your running program to your work, life, and racing schedule, she offers guidance on strength training, nutrition, and race preparation. She communicates as much or as little as you want. In just 5 months of training with her I’m faster, stronger, and more excited about running!

Helen Summerford


I was very reluctant to let go of control and seek the assistance of a pro.. finally pushed my ego aside and through the recommendation of friend who was killing it in every race I took the plunge ..best decision I made.. the complete guidance Michele will give you is a life changer.. try it out..you won't be disappointed.

Erman Anthony

You know that you have an AMAZING coach and running program when you run a 7 hour PR for 100 miles and your legs feel TOTALLY normal 2 days later!!!! Just sayin'! ;-) Thanks Michele!!!! 

Heather Simon-Buonocore

New Jersey

I want to give a little shout out to Michele Yates! I have been coached by Michele for all of 3 months, and this past weekend I PR’ed at a 50k by almost 20 minutes! I have run this race many times before, but going into this years race I felt so much stronger, calm and totally prepared. I was able to push myself past the point of discomfort and know that my fitness could handle it! I walked away with 4th overall lady, 1st age group, and the invaluable reward of finding a different gear in my running. Thank you Michele! I cannot wait for more!

Kristin Carbajal


Just have to give a shout out to the best coach a girl could ask for..Michele Yates. She believes in all of us and I proudly rock my rugged running gear knowing that I'm part of a special group. Even when things don't turn out how I plan or when I panic with worry before a race, Michele reminds me I'm worth pushing for big goals instead of being complacent. She rocks!

Jeni Goodwin


Headed home from TransRockies. I can't say enough kind words about the quality of coaching Michele has given over the past 2 years. I wasn't sure how stage racing would work without super long, back to back runs in preparation but her speed work, strength and slow long runs on the weekends worked perfectly for me. Having come from Brooklyn (sea level), I was nervous about running at 9,000'+ for 6 straight days and wound up doing great and felt stronger each day through the final stages of the race. Finished 12th overall with a beast time on the final stage (22.5mi, 5,000' of gain) and had one of the most fun and competitive race experiences of my life so far!

Miriam Weiskind

New York

I've had inspiring, excellent coaches in the 3.5 years since I ran my first mile, but no one has understood the unique challenges of being a postpartum new mom running ultras like Coach Michele Yates. She helped me find my fast this year, shaving over 2 hours off my previous 50K PR, at just 8 months postpartum. She helped me figure out and resolve foot issues with the right shoes (finally). And, she helped me train SMART and strong for my first 50-mile finish at just 10 months postpartum! I'm excited to launch training for my first 100-miler with her in a few weeks, and meantime following her recovery pointers until I'm ready to run again. I tell everyone I know about my amazing coach. She's a true leader and hero in this tough, phenomenal sport.

Martine Sesma


Michele is a phenomenal coach! I would not be the runner I am today without the guidance she has provided me over the years. Whenever I have a big race or goal in mind, I automatically turn to Michele because I am confident that with her help I can achieve it! She's exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced, an encourager and a great inspiration!

Belmont Boswell


I have been coached by Michele and it is more than I ever hoped for. Workouts tailored to my schedules, my goals and my work schedule. Holistic approach including strength training, mobility, and nutrition. When I have a problem, she tells me exactly what to do, eat, buy with videos and links. She checks in frequently and helps me develop detailed race plan. I even went "glamping" in Gunnison National Forest for the camp and loved it.

Melissa Trolene

Michele has helped me PR at multiple distances and run my first hundred mile race. She provides guidance not only with running workouts but strength training, nutrition, gear, race nutrition etc. She has effectively tailored my programs to meet my lifestyle, schedule limitations, and injuries. I feel very fortunate to train with Michele- I feel like I have accomplished much more with her guidance and support than I would have otherwise.

Anna Hailey


Skilled, individualized, caring and EFFECTIVE coaching through Rugged Running's Michele Yates. What else is there to say?! 

Stan Fortuna


Michele is not only a strong runner but an awesome coach. She has helped me improved my running so much and correct my weak areas. Her camps are awesome with tons of one on one attention. The rugged community is supportive and fun to be around. Can’t recommend RR enough!

Shelby Johnson


Michele knows her stuff and she lives it. I’ve been working with her for a year now and my running has improved so much both in speed and strength. Michele has given me the confidence to accomplish things I never thought I could do before and I’m excited to see what the next year holds. I highly recommend Rugged Running!

Brie Staker

Personalized coaching with a holistic approach from an educated athlete. Focus on quality running.

Melina Coen

New Jersey

Excellent and personalized coaching! Whether you are training for your first 5K or your next 100 miler, Michele works with you in a very holistic approach. Her coaching goes beyond running and “one foot in front of the other”, she teaches you about strength training, recovery, nutrition, and all the other often overlooked areas of running.


I signed on for coaching with Michele 3 months out from my first 100 mile event. I had been doing lots of miles and when she told me she focuses on quality over quantity I was nervous, but willing to trust. Then I broke my leg in two places from a horseback riding fall (the first week of my training plan). I was devastated but Michele continued to be encouraging and worked with me (and my ortho dr). Lots of non weight-bearing cardio to make up for not running. Three months later I crossed the finish line of my first 100, smiling the whole way. Michele's plan saved my race. She never once said this is crazy don't do it. She said all athletes deal with injuries... the great ones handle them well. I know if I was training my old way as soon as I had the "all clear" from the Dr I would have been trying to jump up in mileage way too fast in fear of not being ready for the race. I probably would have ended up with a stress fracture or re-injuring the leg. Having Michele's guidance allowed me to be prepared while protecting my leg. I'm training for another event and in excited to see what I can do with a full out training experience.

Jeni Goodwin


Over the years I've had a few coaches, but Michele is the first one that has given me a plan that makes sense to me and works for me. Since putting my day to day training in her hands I shaved 30 minutes off my 50 Mile Trail PR (6:33), as well as set a 50k trail PR (4:12) and I have no doubt that she will help me accomplish many more goals and personal achievements along the way. However, more importantly the improved strength and endurance lets me adventure further and longer than before all with a smile on my face.

Dylan Armajani

New York

Michele is a terrific coach that has a unique training approach that works. Her plan is based on quality training, clean eating, and developing confidence, strength, and mental toughness. She practices what she preaches in her own training, and really cares about her clients. I started working with her just before my first 50 miler, and I am so grateful I did! At first I wondered if it would work, as her approach was different than what I was used to, but I decided I was "all in" and trusted her expertise. I not only finished that race, but won my age group and surprised myself at how strong I felt, and how fast I recovered. Michele even helped me with my race nutrition plan and shared ideas on my last minute race attire. All of it made for a successful race, and I can't wait to go for my next goal!

Susan Lanz


Michele set me up with a Mountain Bike training program that included - core training, intervals and diet. Within just a few months I had more power, strength and endurance. I could not be happier with the program she put together for me.

Shane Norris


I have known Michele for almost ten years now and I can honestly say she is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, and inspirational athletes I have ever come across. She doesn't settle for "good enough" and her successes as a self-coached marathoner prove this. These traits shine through in her coaching and personal training, as well, and she will always be there to motivate you and make you push just a little bit harder so you can hit that goal that has always seemed just out of reach. With her coaching and weight training routines, I was able to run a 3:37 marathon and qualify for Boston just five months after I had run my first ever marathon! That was nearly a 47 minute PR! It was a lot of hard work, but with Michele's advice and support my goals were attainable.

Erin Hammond


Michele Yates trained me for over a year, and i had very good results due to her vigilance, creativity and knowledge. She knew just how hard she could push me to achieve the best results. She overcame my general laziness by getting directly involved and running with me when i wasn't going to do it by myself. She is an amazing athlete that has achieved an incredible amount of success in her running career thru sheer determination and perseverance. I admire her and she inspires me to "just do it" whenever i am looking for a reason not to.  Thanks Michele.

Clif Baron


Michele is an excellent motivator. I would go so far as saying I idolize her lifestyle as well as her infectious positive attitude. She listened to my needs and tailored my work out to be one that I could predominately do at home and on my schedule. She even offered up recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth. She got me in the best shape of my life even though I was over 40…And I miss her terribly!

Wendy Close


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