Founder/Director of Coaching

Michele graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in May of 2005 where she earned a degree in Kinesiological Sciences with a concentration in fitness management. Her personal training journey began in 2003 with a paid internship at Club Sport Green Valley, Henderson NV.  Michele has accumulated over a decade of experience in group training, kids fitness, individual training/coaching, fitness club and personal studio management.  Her educational background and experience provides her with professionalism in nutrition, cardio, core, strength, flexibility, and ultimately running. 

In running, Michele is a 2x Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon and a 4x USATF National Team member in the mountain and ultra trail events representing the US at the World and NACAC Championships.  She has completed over 20 marathons, with 9 wins, and still holds numerous course records at the elite level.  She is a 4x National Champion in the ultra trail events and has numerous course records and wins in trail and ultra races. Michele was also crowned Ms. Figure Colorado in 2008 where she had no less than a top 2 finish in each event she competed in within the year. 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiological Sciences with a concentration in fitness management

  • 2x Olympic Trials Marathon Competitor

  • USA Team-  World Mountain Trail Championships 2011

  • USA Team-NACAC 2012

  • 9 Marathon Wins 

  • Ms. Figure Colorado 2008

  • UNLV Steeplechase Record Holder

  • UNLV Indoor Track 5k Record

  • 4x National Champion (50 mile Trail 2012,2013-record holder and 100k Trail 2013, 50K Trail and record holder) 


  • Marathon PR - 2:38:37, Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon, 2009

  • Half Marathon PR - 1:17:23, Spirit of the Marathon Columbus OH, 2009

  • 10k PR - 34:16, Salt Lake City UT, 2009

  • 2nd Place National Mountain Trail Race 2011

  • 21st World Mountain Trail Championships Tirana Albania 2011

  • 5th North American Trail Championships Vancouver BC 2012

  • 2x National Champion and Record holder 50 Mile Trail 2012 & 2013

  • National Champion 100k Trail 2013

  • National Champion and record holder 50k Trail 2013

  • Overall winner- Indiana Trail 100 Mile, 17:35:18, Course Record, 2013

  • Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile Champion, 20:16:54, Course Record, 2013

  • 3rd Place Ultra Run of Champions 100k World Championships 2013

  • 1st place North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile 


  • Podium finishes- Trail Marathon National Champs 2007, 2012

  • Mountain Bike- "Queen of the Hill" Leadville series TX 2017, Bailey 100 7th place, Leadville 100 23rd. 

  • 2nd Place 100k trail National Champs Bandera TX 2018

  • MTB- Queen of the Hill Leadville series TX 2018

  • 1st Place Open division 3rd Place Female overall Bailey 100 MTB 2018 

  • 9th Female Overall Leadville 50mile MTB 2018

  • Quad Rock 50 mile 2nd Place Female 2018

  • Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile 1st Female New Course Record 2018




Endurance & Fitness Coach

Travis Graduated from Mckendree University in May of 2014, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a Minor in Coaching. His coaching began in 2013 when his eligibility to run in college was over but remained in school. He was an Assistant Coach for Mckendree University to help pay for schooling. In his time coaching at Mckendree University, he gained experience building training for groups and individuals to pursue their goals as collegiate athletes. He created strength training and mobility drills for his athletes and created daily workouts with the head coach, for the success of their athletes. Travis assisted in coaching numerous athletes that were national qualifiers.


After College, Travis’s running success helped him pursue personal coaching in the community of the running stores he worked in. He coached many athletes of all running abilities. He coached kids, adults, and summer High school camps. His years working in the running industry has helped him share the knowledge of running with others and help him to pursue his dreams of coaching. Through his excellent abilities in track, road, and trail running, it has allowed him to become very diverse in the endurance coaching world to help others at any distance and any surface.


Travis ran for Mckendree University, where he was a 4xNational Qualifier in Cross Country and Track & Field. After college, he gave up the track and road running scene for a newfound love of trail running, a place where he found peace and happiness. In 2014, Travis ran his first trail race, Corp of Discovery Trail Half Marathon in a time of 1:29:57,  winning the race and setting a new course record, he was hooked ever since. He then tested the waters with ultra running and found success early on with some Podium finishes, first-place finishes, and some course record performances, from getting 3rd in his first ultra, the Sky to Summit 50k, to winning Land Between the Lakes 60k, and then setting a new course record at the Ozark Foothills 50k in a time of 4:07:39. In addition to running, Travis enjoys, Mountain Biking, Camping, Fly Fishing, Skateboarding, and Climbing.


  • 2014 Michelob Ultra St.Patricks Day Parade Run: 5miles- 7th place 26:20

  • 2014 Mckendree University Current School Record Holder: 13.1 Go St.Louis 1:13

  • 2014 Corp Of Discovery Trail Race: 13.1 miles- 1st 1:29:57 CR

  • 2014 Wild in the woods trail race: 7 miles- 1st place 44:06 CR

  • 2014 Mo Cowbell Marathon: 1st place 2:41:52 CR

  • 2014 Georgia Sky to Summit 50k: 3rd place 5:55:35

  • 2015 The Skippo Trail Race 30k: 1st place 2:02:24 CR

  • 2016 Land Between The Lakes 60k: 1st place 5:07:31

  • 2016 Ozark Foothills 50k: 1st place 4:07:39 CR

  • 2016 Berryman 50miler: 1st place 8:18:49

  • 2017 La Sportiva Trail Half Marathon: 3rd place 1:27:37

  • 2017 Breck Crest Trail Half Marathon 2nd place 1:52:12

  • 2017 Mo Cowbell Marathon: 2nd place 2:39:28

  • 2018 Berryman Trail Marathon: 1st place 3:14:27

  • 2018 Go Pro Mountain Games 10k: 5th place

  • 2019 USATF 50k Championships: 17th place

  • 2019 A Run Through Time Trail Marathon: 4th place 3:35:37

  • 2019 The Great Trailhead Foot Race 10miler: 1st place 1:07:51 CR

  • 2019 Backcountry Wilderness Half Marathon: 6th place 1:26:33

  • 2019 USA Spartan Trail Championships: 21st place



Endurance & Fitness Coach

Salynda has a BA in Biology and Environmental Science from Western State Colorado University. While attending WSCU Salynda developed a strong background in research and foundation in biology, chemistry and physiology-this background gave Salynda a solid foundation to cross into the field of exercise science and coaching. She is working toward earning her running coaching certification, as well as nutrition and CPT certification in the coming months.


Salynda has a diverse instructional background in outdoor leadership and environmental education from preschool age to adults. Leading everything from backpacking trips in the wilderness to preschool interpretive hikes. She has been a Girl Scout leader for 4 years in a troop emphasizing outdoor recreation, STEM and service. She has instructed STEM enrichments; and helped with elementary school running clubs. She is a mother to 3 healthy-fit kids ages 5,8,11.


Salynda began her trail, mountain and ultra competitive career as an extension of her love for adventure and being outdoors. She loved(s) to climb Colorado’s high peaks and backpack and camp-then discovered that she could climb fast and run routes and see so much more of Colorado’s beautiful high country by running through it!  She has multiple summits of Colorado’s 13,000 and 14,000 foot peaks-she has done many on multiple occasions as training runs. 


Her first big race was the Pike’s Peak Marathon which opened the can of worms for her competitive running career. She placed 7th overall in a World Mountain Running Championship year. The following year she went on to win the overall women’s PPM. After that she gave birth to her first child and went on to compete in Pike’s within a year of her daughter’s birth-her passion for running carried her through 6 more PPM’s all but 2 were top 10 finishes. She ran her first ultra-the Run Rabbit Run 100 in the elite Hare division in 2012 placing 4th overall female 9 months after the birth of her second child. She was hooked on ultras and has found great success while juggling the demands of full time motherhood. She has numerous wins, course records, and many other podium and top 10 finishes. Salynda has first hand experience on what it means to juggle life and training and has tricks and tips to help you make your dreams come true!


  • Pike’s Peak Marathon (PPM) 2006-7th female.

  • PPM 2007-1st place female.

  • PPM 2009-31st female.

  • PPM 2010-11th female.

  • PPM 2012-6th female

  • Run Rabbit Run 100-4th Hare female.

  • PPM 2013-2nd female.

  • Run Rabbit Run 100 2013-10th Hare female.

  • Estes Park Marathon 2014-mid pack finish, 6 months pregnant.

  • San Juan Solstice 50 mile 2015- 3rd place female.

  • PPM 2015-5th female.

  • San Juan Solstice 50 mile 2016- 1st place female.

  • PPM 2016: 4th place female.

  • San Juan Solstice 50 mile2017-7th place female (6 months after foot sx).

  • Sheep Mountain 50 mile 2018-1st female;2nd overall; Course Record.

  • Run Rabbit Run 100 2018: 9th female Hare.

  • Sawmill 55k 2018-2nd female; 7th overall; 2nd fastest female time.

  • South Park Trail Marathon 2019: 1st female; 4th overall-snow course record.

  • Run Rabbit Run 100 2019: 5th overall female.


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