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After the award ceremony, the fun continued. You can imagine how the Russians do it for free. Ray, guessing or based on his own experience, understood how and how everything would end, and hurried after the award to make another very important announcement. On the next day off, it was planned to conduct a "run-in" of the opening, and everyone from among friends, relatives and acquaintances was invited to it casinosenligneca.

Rates on this day were appointed symbolic. The purpose of the event is to test the dealer's abilities, rehearse the coordination of actions and the correct implementation of instructions and instructions. I will not be mistaken if I say that they offered another fun, and it was happily picked up.

To be honest, few people took seriously what was happening while studying at school. The foreigners were young and smiling, the punishments for misdemeanors were ridiculous, the money prescribed in the contracts was more than good, and not only for young people who wanted to earn extra money, and most importantly, the work really seemed dust-free and did not look like work at all !!! Everything was like a game! A game that pays to participate in ... A fairy tale, isn't it?



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