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"No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them." ~Maeve Greyson

NEVER GIVE UP As I look forward now, almost completely healed from a 3 month injury...I CONTINUE TO PUSH ON. Behind closed doors, I have spent (and continue to spend) numerous hours in recovery boots, icing 4-7 times a day, seeing the massage therapist, chiropractor, and becoming best friends with my foam roller. It has been more painful, mentally straining, draining and physically challenging than running a 100 mile race (ask my hubby- I surely haven't been a "treat" to be around :) As a matter of fact, I don't think my heart procedure, leg surgery, or any other issues in the past that I have had even compare. I know most of you reading this can relate in some form or another.

Now, coming back, I know that this injury has made me stronger. It has made me hungry for success and although I will never get back the chance to be the Ultra World Champion of 2013, or my shot to represent the USA at the Long Distance World Championships in Poland this weekend (or in September too for that matter), I'll be damned if I don't exert every muscle fiber in my body to earn a chance at those opportunities again in the future.

I plan on starting with the USA Marathon Trail Championships held on Pikes Peak in Colorado in 18 days! From there, it's back to the ultra world with some redemption at the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler, shortly after I will be running with the best at UROC- and I don't plan on wasting one moment of health and happiness. So to all those struggling with their own injuries, set backs, and challenges...don't give up- it will make you stronger, more determined than ever, and there are others right there with you! PROGRESS UPDATE: I am not trying to get too excited yet, however- I began the early morning with a Lemon Coconut Simply Bar and a few drinks of Go Fast Light to help carry me up Pikes Peak. Starting cautiously, with my BLAZE ULTIMATE DIRECTION FUEL BELT, I focused on form as I climbed. With all this extra injury time, I have been studying climbing technique and how to get my butt up mountains faster! ...I think it's working :) Nightly rain in the area brought humidity and with the sun beaming through the trees, it didn't make for comfortable running conditions. I was grateful I brought a GU Energy gel a long for the trip. The trail conditions were pretty dry with wet rocks towards Barr Camp. Little voices in my head kept saying "Where the hell is the camp?! Aren't I there yet?! The dang sign said .5 miles this way, what the heck!?" This is how I know I am lacking speed endurance and a bit "out of shape." :) Finally reaching Barr Camp, I decided to turn around and cruise my way down. Only some slight leg aggravation on the way up and minimal to none on the way down would be evident, thus giving me hope! 18 days of quality training up ahead to accomplish some lofty goals!

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