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It was a beautiful morning with the sun gleaming over the mountains and an astonishing view of the continental divide at Cripple Creek CO yesterday. The mine to mine 9k was the challenge at hand. The weather quickly turned, the wind picked up, and the snow started coming down at the 10am start. The course started downhill (much to my favor), but I knew fellow USA Mountain teammate Brandy Erholtz would soon catch up once we hit the uphill. I did my best to hold on, flying down highway 67 getting passed with 3k to go. I lucked out with another downhill shortly later but it wouldn't be enough to recapture the lead. Brandy would finish in 34:55 and myself 35:05. A good hard workout, considering I was still sore from kicking my own butt the 3weeks prior, I was satisfied and positive. I am on the "up" now...look out! :)

*** Thanks to Wyatt Yates, Saucony, GU Energy, IceSpike, and The Simply Bar-

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